JujuFox (jujufox) wrote in pkmncollectors,

V-day Exchange Photostory!

Thank you 99reddrifloons for the awesome Valentine's Day gifts!

I have an (((image heavy))) V-Day photo-story to share with everyone today! It's under the cut!

I recently got a Tepig Pokedoll from em_lemon, and I got a Pokemon Center Victini from gsc_fanboy! So they helped me opened my package. Tepig's nickname is Pokey and Victini's nickname is Vicki.

Pokey: I wonder what is inside? It smells tasty!
Vicki: Well don't just sit there! Let's get this open already!

Vicki: Ooooh it is all pink and fluffy!
Pokey: There is something yummy inside... I just know it!

A strange muffled voice: HALP! ;A;
Vicki: Huh? There is someone in here! I'll help pull you out!

Big Zorua: Phew! Thanks for getting us out of there!
Little Zorua: Yay fweedom!
Pokey & Vicki: You are welcome!

Little Zorua: We bwaught chocowits!
Pokey: Chocolates? Hmm I thought I smelled something else tasty...

Vicki: I think you were right! There is something else in here!

Pokey: *gasp* I knew it! Hurry get it out!

Little Zorua: And Stickerws and twoys and wuv!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! My husband is taking me out for sushi tonight, so I'm super excited! n__n
Tags: collection, tepig, victini, zorua
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