➝ Raine ☂ (autumnrain) wrote in pkmncollectors,
➝ Raine ☂

☂ It's a mystery!

I got my Valentine yesterday from the Exchange, but I've no idea who it's from! Can anyone shed some light?

How lovely! I got the Meiji promo (which I've kept meaning to get hold of for ages and never got around to it!) and some lovely custom art! I ran out of room for Lugia (he's safely stashed in a clearfile!), but you can rest assured Zapdos is up with my thunder-birds!

Here's a close up of the card. It's really thick and sturdy and holofoiled all over! The picture doesn't do it a lot of justice. I heard it was quite a rare flat- is that true?

Now, there were a few clues to who could have sent it, but I'm still none the wiser!

☂ Clue the first: The sender is in the UK, since it was sent with a Royal Mail 'large letter' stamp!
☂ Clue the second: The sender is at least a fan of Zebstrika, if not a collector, because they own the Retsuden stamp. It can be seen on the cute Luvdisc valentine, it was also on the envelope.
☂ Clue the third: The sender owns and knows how to use Copic markers, because that's the medium used on the custom art. A conundrum!

If the secret admirer Valentine wants to come forward, nows your chance! Of course, if you want to leave me guessing, you can! But whoever you are- thank you very much! How lovely ;w;
Tags: lugia, zapdos
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