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Updates, Wants and Goals

Decided to write a little post to list my updates, wants and my goals for 2012

First of for updates:
-I have decided that for just now my main collection is going to be of the Canvas plush series, I hope to one day have them all. They are just soo cute that I can't resist them!

-I have made my first canvas purchase ... I bought the Growlithe Canvas off ofusakochan I also bought 3 McDonalds figures off her as I guess the UK wont get them :( but I am currently waiting to recieve them, I was told earlier that she will be posted them today so I am super excited about that! 

-I bought my first ever pokedoll (Zorua) off of havvaiibabe I am currently waiting to hear about the staus off that but I had to get Zorua, he is a little cutie :3

-At the end of the month I plan on buying 6 Canvas plush off of cyritic I plan on getting Raichu, Pichu, Vulpix, Lapras, Riolu and Dragonite ... ahh then I will own 7 canvas! (this is a birthday present to myself as I turn the big 21 on the 27th)

Thats it for updates

Wants :
- Obviously it goes without saying that I am after any canvas I can get my hands on. Please message me if you have any on sale, or going on sale! (mostly at the minute I am wanting the Pikachu and lake guardians)
- Zoroark Pokedoll, I love zorua and zoroark and as I have got the Zorua pokedoll I have to get the Zoroark as a companion XD
-Any Plush of Vullaby or Mandibuzz (I just love them!)

Thats it for wants

Goals for 2012:
-To have at least one of the eevee evolvutions canvas (I hope to get them all but at the moment my goal is to have at least 1)

Thats me done ... Please message me or comment if you have any of my wants etc! <3 x
Tags: canvas, growlithe, lapras, pichu, pikachu, pokedolls, raichu, uxie, vullaby, vulpix, wanted, zoroark
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