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Secret Grail Get and my last want!

Something amazing just arrived today and I thought i should share it with everyone :3

An Oddish PlushPlush! I've been looking for this since I first joined this place and was so surprised to actually find one, by chance to boot! It's fabric feels so amazing X3 And the tag is in perfect condition as well! It pretty much completed everything I could have ever wanted... Well except for one thing^^"

I'm desperately looking for this very cute Pachirisu Valentines Pillow(it's from 2007) in good condition and with its hang-tag. It would be pretty much grail worthy for me :3 The Buneary Valentines Pillow would be fine as well, but I think I prefer the Pachirisu version a little, cause it has that little pink bow X3 Any help in finding it will be greatly appreciated! Ohh and there's another collection update incoming sometime this month. Have a nice evening/day/morning/night everyone :)
Tags: oddish, pachirisu, plush, wanted
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