Sapphire (osakaxkurausu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Introduction~ ^_^

Hello, it's nice to actually get a LJ and join the pkmncollectors community!

I'm pretty much refereed to as Osaka by everyone, so yes..

I've been stalking the site for 2 years, and it's finally time to come out of the shadows.

Sooo... my Pokemon collecting started when I was 5 or 6, and I got the 4th movie, because I played smash bros Melee with my brother, and I liked Mewtwo and Pichu, and the 4th movie came with that promo Suicune card, so.... I went overload Collecting the TCG after that, and the Anime of course!

Then..... I learned about the Games, and my brother of all people bought me the remake of Red, Fire Red, when I got my first DS.....

Now, I collect really anything that Range from Plushes, Figures, Holo TCGs, Zorua, (Maybe Suicune and Victini in the future!) and anything that looks unique to me.

Here is MOST of my plushes up to date except 2:

  It really isn't neat like I wanted it to be since I was in a rush, but thanks for your time everyone~ 

Tags: collection, deerling, giratina, introductions, pidgeotto, pidove, pikachu, togekiss, woobat
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