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Hello Darkness My Old Friend....

Final Packages mailed + Collection Post!

Welp today I mailed the last of everyone's packages, so be on the look out! International orders i believe they take 7-10 days. Everyone eleses should be there by the weeks end!

Kiraras_lemon collection post made me want to take new photos of my collection so..I did :D

Check em out here~


The eevee collection! Most of my collection gets focused on these guys. I pretty much like em all, but Umbreon is my personal favorite.


Than I have the rest of my collection which mainly focuses on Suicune.

I activly Collect: Eevees (mostly umbreon) Suicune, Shroomish/Breloom, Lotad, Shinx/Luxray, Most "Dark Puppies" (Houndour/Doom, Absol, Poochies) Raichu, and Rayquaza.

If you think you have something that would be of interest by all means feel free to toss me a link.

I am currently seeking:

Espeon/Umbreon Zukan *
Umbreon Poke Blok
TOMY Umbreon
Shinx Kid
Raichu Kid(s) (dont have any verisions)
Shiny Rayquaza Kid *
Lotad Regular Kid
Espeon Original Kid
Clear New Umbreon Kid
Clear New Espeon Kid
Poocheyna Kid Looking Up
Mightyena Kid Sitting
Absol Kid(s) (Dont have any)
Houndour Kid
Clear Suicune Kid
Manectric Kid
GIANT poke Center Suicune Plush*

* Indicates Grail Item

(feel free to throw anything at me if you dont see it in the collection post)

Stuff comming to me:
Houndoom Zukan
Absol Zukan
Mightyena Zukan
Clear Original Umbreon Kid
Raichu Zukan
Lotad Swing
Stackable Lotad Incase Figure
Lotad Plush

Uhm has anyone heard from Flygon? AKA the Zukan Ranger? We were doing a trade and I have not heard from him in some time ;__; hope everythings alright.

Edit/ With tags AND question!

Who has ever started collecting a pokemon that they thought they would never have liked before? For me it was Lotad! I never have used it, nore had any interest in it. Than one day I randomly won a misplaced shiny kid auction (for a total of around 6 dollars even after SMJ fees :P ) And I was hooked. I dont know..hes adorable and STACKABLE. So...

Has this happened to anyone before?? c:
Tags: breloom, eevee, espeon, flareon, glaceon, leafeon, lotad, mightyena, poochyena, raichu, rayquaza, shroomish, suicune, umbreon, vaporeon
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