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Collection Update~

Hey guys! First off, Happy Valentine's Day! If you don't like/celebrate Valentine's Day, then Happy... Tuesday? X3

Okay, I promised I'd make a collection update this month. Since my birthday is tomorrow, I decided it would be a good time to post an update now ^^ (I'm going to NY on the weekend for my birthday though-expect some new gets by Monday! XD)

Hm, what's this? A box in the mail too? Looks like Chubs wants to help open it!

So here is my current plush collection! Some new gets I want to point out are the Victini and Glaceon Pokedoll, the Pikachu Couple, and The two 1:1 Pikachus in the back! Can't wait to get more 1:1 plushes :D

Jolteon Canvas plush! He's way smaller than I thought!

For people who are curious, here's Jolteon Canvas compared to my (kinda dirty >.>) Jolteon Pokedoll.

The adorable 2009 Tyranitar charm I got in the mail today from knoka! Look how cute the picture is that she drew for me! I NEED TO FRAME THIS!

The Pikachu charm that is currently hanging off of my phone. Such a cutie~

A bunch of figurine and etc. stuff I got sitting on top of my card binder. Zorua/Zoroark zukan was my first ever zukan! ^^ I really love zukans now.

Zoros and the Cyndaquil line are probably my two favorite zukans. Just look how beautiful these are! @.@ The reason I got the Cyndaquil and Mareep line is because those were my two favorite Pokemon in my Crystal and SoulSilver team (Blitz the Typhlosion and Gold the Ampharos), Thinking about collecting my entire team.

A little item I forgot to share in my last post I think. What a cute little Pika car ^^

A little felt custom I made while I was bored. I'm not good with fabric.. ^^;

A clearfile set I bought just for the sake of the mini Pikachu one. XD Haven't even opened it yet though.

A towel set I also got, just for the pink Pikachu towel. X3

During my first collection post, I had completely forgotten to share my merch from the Mall Tour! I have about 2-3 sets MIP of the figurines. >.> I've never opened anything pictured here either... They just kinda sit there. XD

And now, time for Chubs to open my special package!~

Chubs: Hmm... How am I supposed to open this giant box? o.o

Chubs: Huh? What's this?

Chubs: AHH! Who are you?!
Potato: ZZ..

Chubs: Hellooo? Wake up!
Potato: ZZzzzz...

Chubs: Why do we need another lazy plush around here...

Well, that's it for now! Thanks for looking!~
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