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Politoed hugs for all!

♥ Happy Valentine's Day, collectors! ♥

I've always been a big fan of this holiday, single or not, because I love sweet, love-y things! You don't need a boy/girlfriend to celebrate, in my opinion. You can love far more than just a partner! Parents, siblings, friends, fictional characters, pets, plush!! My mom used to get me little plush or candy on Valentine's Day and it always made me so happy. Love is limitless and comes in all shapes and forms. ♥ Plus -- chocolate. Need I say more?

In celebration, and maybe to cheer up some people who really need to go grab some chocolate and hug a plush, I made a somewhat short photostory featuring Noritono the Happytoed (Nori for short!) in something of a predicament. He's not sure what to do for his sweetie! :C Read on to find out his resolution. But first, allow me to abuse these heart emotes some more while I've got the excuse: ♥♥♥♥♥♥

(Check out the story to find out what the heck this ^ is XD)

Apologies in advance for somewhat large file sizes and slightly grainy photos. I'm still trying to make GIMP bend to my will. >:/ Also, I haven't got my tablet working so I had to do the edits by mouse. It was not fun. XD

Nori heads off to find Shakespeare who, as usual, has his skunk nose buried in a book...

...a book he's ashamed to be reading! Artemis Fowl isn't exactly The Count of Monte Cristo. He's got a sophisticated image to maintain, after all.

(Apologies for the unintentional Play-Asia advertisement in the background there... They send STICKERS and I am a sucker for stickers :T)

While Shakespeare's complicated proclamations of love didn't strike a chord with innocent little Nori, his last comment certainly set some gears turning. After sitting on the ideas and perfecting them in his mind, he set straight to work -- and then called Mara for the final reveal.

(I-if you can't tell... it's supposed to be a candlelit dinner. orz)

Nori learned a valuable lesson about caring for the ones he loves: as long as you put your heart into it, anything can be special, no matter how small a gesture. ♥ Nate, darling little thing that he is, knew this all along, and that's why Camellia is so pleased with her (glitter glue!) Valentine...

But who is Shakespeare's Valentine this year? He certainly alludes to being quite the ladies' man. Let's see...

...Uh-huh. How very Shakespeare. I wonder if he's just all talk, or if he really does just prefer his books!

Finally, my two largest custom Politoeds are what I consider my "Mamatoed and Papatoed" and they care for all of the other younger Politoeds, so of course they got to have a little bit of time to themselves for once for some romance!

(Minty the female 'toed by me, and Sweets the giant shiny male 'toed by allyson_x!)

If there's anyone who's willing, I'd aboslutely love to see photos of your Pokecouples in the comments!! C: I had a ton of fun pairing these guys up. ♥
Tags: bonsly, politoed, stunky, turtwig
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