Mandy Seley (mandyseley) wrote in pkmncollectors,
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Wanted: Obscure Rattata/Raticate

It's been a while since I have, so I'm tossing out a feeler to see if anyone has some of the more obscure Rattata and Raticate items out there, and would be willing to sell them? I'm very much set on common items like kids and cards and such, and it's getting harder to find new things - but I'm sure they exist! :)

Clearfiles? (I know at least a Rattata one exists)
Marbles? (I have a few colors, wouldn't mind getting more)
Metal figures? (ditto above)

Other items maybe I'm not aware of yet? (Even if you don't have one for sale, maybe you can make me aware of something that I don't know about!)

Thank you!
Tags: raticate, rattata, wanted
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