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BANZAI! How's it going everyone? ^__^ yet another post from me XD

So finally, after all the assignments and work, and after my postal slips once again vanishing to some unknown corner of my student accomodation hall, I finally got post slips and went to get my mail! Not one, not two, but three packages from some of you guys! ^___^

I received the packages from candycafe , norkia , and miss_fuu_chan and of course, the camera came out!

Edit:  Don't forget to leave me feedback on my post in my individual journal ! ^_^

Right click and 'view image' for a bigger view on all images ^^

Stuff! It's all so amazing xD I tried to squeeze it all on the envelope but alas, small envelope XD

Firstly! Items I got from
norkia  ^^ Arrived 21st April

Norkia and i were a little worried about this as it had been a while and it hadn't arrived, she'd had a problem with shipping to the UK before, turn out it's been in my post office since the 21st April DX I hate my post office; I'll be a house next year and I'm living with another anime fan; our house is going to turn into the post office XDD Deliveries only x3;
A totally adorable Poliwag kid, and pan stickers! I decided I wanted to collect Poliwag before buying this, and then while it was in transit I change my mind and decided I was going to sell it on, because 1st Gen stuff seems to be hard to get. But once I pulled this little guy out, he caught my heart. He's adorable xD I had my questions about Pan stickers too, but dude, these things look so cool! I'm glad I bought them =DD Flygon! And Sableye! An actual Sableye! There is like -no- Sableye merch XD I'm so chuffed to have this x33 The Houndoom is for kiraras_lemon  I believe xD ^^

Close up of the pans! Sableye ;-; Flygon ;-; Bonsly ;-; *Happy fangirl*

"Please don't eat me =<" ;-; Issocute *hearts* x33 Couldn't eat it even if it offended me xD

Next up! Items from candycafe! Arrived 23rd April ^^

Here we have two Jakks; Mantyke and Bonsly, and a totally adorable Celebi kid ;-;  I love it <33 (Is this the only Celebi Kid?) And a surprise gift; a Turtwig! is he a clipping figure? I don't know xD He's adorable, and oh so tiny x3

My new Celebi kid likes his new home, and is staking out his territory from the top of a Pepsi bottle xD He likes Pepsi (just like me xD)

Turtwiggy checkin' out his crib! Yes that is anitchrist's post xD Turtwig likes Pepsi too x3

Items from miss_fuu_chan ! Arrived 30th April

Firstly; I LOVE YOU GUYS XD Secondly xD; 'like' is such an understatement Fuu-chan ;-;
Here we have a Bonsly/Sudowoodo zukan =D *crosses off wants list* Riolu kid, and four cards; Sableye Holo (EX Series Sets Crystal Guardians) A Flygon Holo (which is so amazing but I had no idea what set its from. I was on PokeBeach browing the card scan and was actually mostly disappointed with the Flygon selection until this baby popped out the envelope! Finally we have a Whismur card and a Bonsly card! One of the only Bonsly cards I wanted! And I think it was a surprise gift! You're so sweet Fuu-chan, thank you ;-;

Teeny weeny Bonsly (seriously, this little guy is like, less than a centimeter ;-; and the totally cool Riolu kid =D

And finally, sexy Sableye and fly...Flygon! XD Holos ;-; Sableye looks so cute, and Flygon just looks bitchin' xD I am now officially a sucker for cards XD

So that's that for collection updates xD I have so other updates to make however.

Four Typhlosion cards; two japanese and two English, I will probably keep the two Holos, I'm not sure about the others; will need to see them first! I'm not sure of the sets on the two Japanese ones, but the one on the left mostly because I didn't save the image file/card details on my PC xD

In the other two images are a bunch of cards I won; I've blocked out the ones I'm keeping, and marked Growlithe who I may keep (not decided yet xD)

The ones I'm keeping: Wormadam(three cloaks), Shuckle, Hoppip, Shuppet, Luvdisk, Cacnea and Swablu.

Ones I'm not keeping: Roselia, Electabuzz, Mareep, Voltorb, Smoochum, Venonat, Natu, Muk, Grimer, Cloyster, Squirtle, Murkrow, Raticate, Psyduck, Phanphy, Diglett, Unown(letters N,K, G, F and L), Nidorino, Nidoran, Farfetch'd, Clefairy, Rattata, Mudkip, Gorebyss, Krabby, Relicanth, Buziel, Delibird, Slowpoke, Drowzee, Mankey, Solrock, Koffing, Pelipper, Metapod, Makuhita, Caterpie, Volbeat, Weedle, Kakuna, Slugma, Glameow, Skarmory, Zigzagoon, Whismur, Porygon, Igglybuff, Jigglypuff.

I may change my mind and decide to keep some of these when I actually get them. But I'll be selling all the ones I don't want; If you want any of these let me know, and I'll wait until I get them before I decide on prices and which ones I'm definitely keeping =3 XD

And just for the 'Yay' factor ^_^

A Sableye Holo, ordinary Sableye, normal Bonsly, and Flygon Holo ( ;-; ), normal Whismur, Light Togetic Holo, and the fake Kecleon and Flygon as provided by yaoi_queen. Tbh, I totally forgot about those holo cards from Fuu-chan, so it was a nice surprise to open the package and see two holos of two of my fave Pokemon ^__^

And that's that! Bearing the above in mind, does anyone have any of the following for sale: A Pokemon Card Binder/file, Lucario kid, or cards of the following Pokemon: Shuppet, Cacnea, Celebi, Jirachi, Flygon, Sableye, Kecleon, Typhlosion(or evo-line), Tyranitar (or evo line), and Aron(or evo line) cards? x33

That' all from me! Thanks again everyone! If you want me to leave you feedback drop me a link and I'll do is asap ^^ I'm gonna send payments now to the people I owe, and then I'm off to bed! xD Take care!

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