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Late Valentine's Photostory

So I promised in my last update that I will post a photostory.

Here it is; a day late -.-

The story of the Blastoise that went out to look for something; and the Charizard that stayed behind.

(Yes; I've been playing with my new camera; it has a few cool features)

There was once a couple; who went through a lot together.
They grew up together; and grew strong together.
They were a powerful duo; Charizard and Blastoise.
But one day Blastoise went away; he crossed the ocean to a place called America.
Charizard was beside herself; and missed Blastoise dearly.
She would stand at the base of her cave every night; and look up to the sky; wondering if Blastoise was too (she doesn't know about timezones).

But after about 2 years Blastoise came back-looking for his one true love. 



Hugs 'n kisses.

"Er...Charizard love, who is this guy?"
"Well, you were gone for two years!"

Hmmm true love eh?

Anyway; it is kind of a true story.
I sold Blastoise to lunarchik13 two years ago because she was looking for one for her boyfriend.
Well things happen and lunarchik had it back up for sale recently- the exact one I sold her.
I missed him; so I got him back. And now they are complete.

Tags: blastoise, charizard
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