unimportantgirl (unimportantgirl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hama-chan's Slowking?

Hello guys, I'm new to this com, so please forgive me if I'm doing something not allowed or something, I read the rules but you can never be sure enough. If I'm doing something wrong you're free to delete/edit anything dearest mods.

I'm not a hardcore pokemon collector but I try to buy stuff I like when I have money, so I have a lot of asorted stuff, mostly the slowpoke line, meowth, bidoof and buneary and I collect Yuka Morii cards.

Anyways, I recently discovered that there's a slowking illustrated by Masatoshi Hamada that was part of a japanese promo I think? Anyways, since Hamada is my favourite comedian, slowking is love and the illustration is hilarious I wanted to buy the card, only I haven't found it...

According to bulbapedia the card name is Hama-chan's Slowking and it looks like this

Is anyone here selling it? or could someone point me to where to look and how much to spend on it?

Thanks a bunch in advance <3
Tags: cards, slowking, wanted
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