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Re-Intro + Collection Update! Plus a short question

Hey guys! It's been a while since I've posted..my classes this semester are so busy and work-intensive, it's nuts! But I finally got my last item I've been waiting on in the mail, and have a little time to spare, so I figured this was good time for me to do a little collection update :D And a re-intro, cause I never really "properly" introduced mysef ;P

So! I'm Dragowl, a 19-year-old girl who is a sophomore in college, studying Communication Design (specifically, Illustration and Graphic Design). My favorite Pokemon are Totodile and the Hoothoot line (I LOVE owls!), but I am not and don't really plan to start any specific collections. I don't have a lot of room or money for merch, so I really just stick to getting select items that catch my eye.  I'm a sucker for plush, mainly Pokedolls, and that's what most of my small collection consists of! I also love keychains/pins/straps, but since I have no where to put any more, and I'm afraid of ruining them, I only use a couple at the moment XD

I didn't take a picture of all of my stuff together, because everything is in my dorm room in random places and would be hard to gather up all at once XD; So, instead, I grouped my plush, figures, and misc. stuff into their own pics :3

First up, my figures!

A little while ago I got a Totodile kids figure in a trade, and once I recieved him I caught a Kids bug XD I've since lost it, but I don't regret trading for all these lovely guys! I got Totodile from truxor, Starly and Stunky from dragonrider49, Bagon from lucario, and the rest from schenzi! My favorites of the bunch are Totodile, Bagon, and Dialga..but gosh I love em all! And the Zorua McDonald's toy came from kurai_tsuki7. He came with a pretty Blitzle card, but I don't collect TCG, so that'll probably show up in a future sales post :P Also included but not shown are a Pikachu Tomy and a Charmeleon pokeball figure tht I've had for ages! Charmeleon's at home and I forgot to photograph Pikachu lol.

Next I've got some random items I have, and they all happen to be Hoothoot/Noctowl!

The Hoothoot keychain is my favorite of the bunch..it's too cute! He hangs out on my lanyard, and I play with him a lot during class haha. The custom pipecleaner owl is from a friend of mine (a holiday gift!). He's adorable :3 and the last custom charm is so pretty! I use it as a zipper pull on my laptop bag.

And finally, my lovely plush!

Here's a group shot of all my Pokemon plush! <3 My first was the Pikachu pillowpet (got him as a bday gift :3). He may not be 100% legit, but he's the best to cuddle up with at night! Totodile canvas was my first community purchase. So soft and cute! Giratina was my first Pokedoll, followed my Groudon, Pikachu, Zorua, and, finally, Shinx! All of these plush are minky, save for Groudon. Groudon's also pretty loved, and for that reason he's my cuddle-buddy :3 

Here are the most recent of the plush I've got, and a little story for each:

Pikachu has the nickname "Pikachub Cooper Black." I got him in December, when I went to NYC with two friends. That was the first time I went to Nintendo World..it was awesome! I just HAD to grab a pokedoll, and Pikachu seemed like a nice one to get :3 He's SO soft..softer then my other minky dolls! :o His name (well, the latter part) comes from a font that was seen all over NYC. My typography class turned my friends and I into type-nerds..and it rubbed off into my pokemon collecting, haha :P

Zorua doesn't have much of a story, haha. I just saw one for sale from kurai_tsuki7 and thought he was too cute to pass up :3 He's soft and adorable and has trouble stading cause of his massive noggin...love him! <3

Shinx...now Shinx has a story. Back in October (I think it was?), I saw a GA being held. In the lot was a Shinx pokedoll. I'd never participated in a GA (or any type of auction, really) before, so I was a little hesitant, but I've always had a soft spot for Shinx, and really wanted to try and win him. I had a tiny bid-war towards the end (not even really a war, haha. I just had to stay up in bed on my phone to not miss the end of the auction!), and won him. Then we got amazing discounts, and I was so excited! My first GA and I got such a nice plush for so cheap!
Time went on, I made payments, etc. Finally, the lot came to lucario, the shipper for our GA, and pictures of everything went up. I excitedly scrolled through the post, looking for Shinx...and there was nothing. Somehow, the seller did not put Shinx (and another plush) in with the lot. I was pretty upset - I had so been looking forward to a Shinx doll! 
And then lucario surprised me by actually finding anotehr Shinx pokedoll for me. I was, and still am, so very appreciative of this ;-; <3 After that, there were some complications and mistakes with shipping (none of which I hold against gothy!), and I waited and waited and waited...and, finally, Shinx has arrived. <3 Thank you again gothybeans for being kind enough to find me a replacement Shinx! <33

But now for my question..and it's about Shinx. 

He looks wonderful, but I'm ever so slightly concerned he's a booty :< He feels very squishy compared to my other pokedolls (like he wasn't stuffed as much), and he faceplants terribly. I know a lot of 4-legged dolls do, but on Google I see a bunch of pictures of Shinx dolls standing on their own. Mine can't for the life of him D: So..can anyone help me figure out if he's legit or not? Honestly, I don't mind either way - if he's a bootie, he's going to be a very, very loved one! I just am curious and want to know.  EDIT: Well, seems like he's most likely legit! Thanks so much for the help everyone, I really appreciate it! :D

Have some some pics anyway haha:

Special little mouth haha <3

Tag front

Tag back. It says 2007, my light source just made it hard to read lol. Also, it might be hard to tell, but near the star on his tail, there seems to be a teensy bit of stuffing poking through the seam..

Can anyone compare to their Shinx dolls and tell me what the find? I'd really appreciate it! But, like I said, bootleg or not, this Shinx is going to be very loved <3 I've waited a while for him and now that he's here, I'm super excited to own him :D

And thanks for being so awesome, community <3 I'm very happy to have joined here, met such nice people, and gotten such awesome stuff! You are all wonderful, and even though I may not be buying for a little while, I'm totally going to be lurking and commenting and such, hehe >:3
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