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Updated sales + wants

Hi folks! I've added a few Zukans and other things to my sales, as well as marked prices down from previous items. Come check them out!


  • All community rules apply
  • I can haggle!
  • Default shipping is First Class is a bubble mailer. Please specify if you want tracking/insurance/etc.
  • No sniping on auctions (5 min rule applies)
  • I currently accept paypal only
  • I ship from NY
  • I am not responsible for items lost in the mail. Scans of shipping labels/receipts can be requested.
Sales permission was granted by dakajojo in October.

Feedback is here

older feedback

oldest feedback


Pelipper, Mudkip and Torchic Mystery Dungeon houses MIP - $90 for all three. Willing to split them up if I can find buyers for all of them. They come MIP with all of their figures and paper excerpts.

Articuno Zukan. Good condition, only scratching around his peg hole and a small, transparent mark that could probably be washed off (pictured below). -  $40.

Xatu Zukan - $15. Xatu has some paint scratches on his back (pictured below).

Masquerain/Sunskirt Zukan pieces - $10. Great conditon.

Sugimori Cardasses - $5 each

Swampert and Marshtomp Zukan pieces - $15
Magnemite Zukan with pegs - $12

Zukan bases - $5 each
Green Oblong, Black Oblong, one Round gone

Lati@s playing cards - $8  $5for the pair. Note that they have some residue on the tops of them.

PEGLESS Moltres Zukan - $6. Completely MIP, just missing his peg. 

Misc Zukan group: Whishcash, Qwilfish, Sunflora - 10 $7!

Jumpluff and Skiploom Zukan Pieces - $13 10!

Thanks everyone!

Tags: altaria, articuno, heracross, horsea, jumpluff, latias, latios, magnemite, masquerain, moltres, natu, sales, skiploom, sunflora, swampert, xatu, zukan
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