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The 'help me identify these things' game!

Hi guys! Just wanted to share some recent eBay lot gets, and get some help with identification! If you're a can badge expert in particular, I'd love some advice C:

This guy's clearly a Tomy - but he's so tiny and precious! Any idea how often he pops up or where I should start offers?

Unfortunately his horn fabric is split, but it seems like it'd be an easy fix. When I pulled him out of the box I saw he was missing the forehead spot too, but against all odds, it was at the bottom of the box! Again, looks like it'd be a simple fix with fabric glue or something.

These are pretty neat, though I'm not entirely sure they're legit.. the Jokers say made in Taiwan, so maybe they're obscure official items from there? It's a complete deck! Kind of weird and neat that a bunch of the cards use different styles. I don't know whether to sell this as a complete deck or to sell the cards individually, hmm..

Pins! Won these on Y!J so I won't have them in hand for a while, but I have no idea what they are aside from buttons xD I see can badges mentioned a lot around here - any idea if any of these are can badges, or is there anything special that would identify one? Orrr any idea what else these might be from, and how common they are? Thanks for any info! C:

That's it for 'tell me what these are!!' pictures, so have some sales/offers previews!

Aaa these guys are precious! Koffing is so very round.

Domes! Oh goodness dome figures are great. I was hoping for a Vulpix with a base color I didn't already have, but oh well! I love the teeny people characters. I'll have these plus several more up for offer/sale this weekend probably.

I was surprised to find a custom plush in a toy lot I won! Not the best picture of Numel, but he's very cute. I'm ashamed, community - I accidentally won a small bootleg plush lot D: Raichu, Articuno, and Vaporeon are all booties.. but at least they're squishy soft! They'll be for sale later - I'd just like to make some of my money back on them, so if for some weird reason they go for more than $6 each, I'll donate the extra to Child's Play charity or something!

I admit I'm sort of tempted to keep Vaporeon - he's a monster compared to legit eeveelutions! (Also he has no tailfin xP)

Let me know if you'd like to be notified when I put the sales/offers post up, I'd be happy to send you a message!

A tiny collection get, I suppose! I already had the Oak zukan, so I decided to keep the little dome figure. Is there any other Oak merch out there? Did he ever get a kid figure? Oak is pretty cool.

And to wrap things up, have a silly thing!

Thanks for reading and thank you for any what-is-this-item info C: Sales, offers, and maybe a re-intro/good-camera-resurrection celebration coming soon! And an Emolga collection update once my canvas gets here, aaa!

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