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some wants

hi guys. urgh.
after much resistance to collecting anymore...i have decided to fully collect the Vanillite line. i have all of the plush, and now i need other things. ._.
After weeding my collection lots, i will have to do so -quite- a bit more to fit these guys in. but that will be at a later time.

i said i wouldn't post until my birthday (in a week!) but sdlkajflkflj
anyway! i'm looking for things (not just Vanillite)
bold = most want

i really like to TRADE, aswell, so i will gladly trade things in my sales post,
or trade custom items like from my etsy (click here!), or for stuff i've never made before.

This is, of course, if you have enough feedback to trade.

- Sewaddle Kid.
- Sewaddle Strap. (I believe this JUST got released in the Pokemon Center?)
- Vanillite Kid.
- Vanillish Kid.
- Vanillite Dot Sprite Tin.
- BOTH Vanillite Straps (thin strap and the thick strap)
- Bulbasaur Pokedoll.
My entire wants list can be found here: clickclickclick

OKAY this should be my last wants post for...a long time. >_> I've been cutting down my collecting significantly, but I'm sure you guys understand how hard that can be. :c

And a PS: I had meant to go to the post office today, but when I woke up and my alarm didn't go off, it was already after the post office closed. >_>
But I am definitely going tomorrow - I will be sending out my January MPC GA items, and the rest of the things from my sales.

I still have plenty of things in my sales post:
Tags: bulbasaur, sales, sewaddle, vanillish, vanillite, wanted
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