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New Valentine gets, card trade (?) and booty question. :3

Hello everyone. :D

I promised I would do a collection update around Valentine's Day, so BEHOLD! Here it is. :3

I unfortunately could not participate in the Secret Valentine this year (because I didn't know customs were allowed and I was broke QQQ) so hopefully I'll be able to participate in the next gift giving event. :3 But that being said, my Valentine's Day was amazing anyway. :3 And here's why...

My fiance surprised me with roses yesterday when he got home (he had to work all day :<) AND he let me buy my talking Emolga plush. Everyone is right about this girl: she is SO SOFT! O___O And her voice is so amazing. :D Even though my cats are scared of her. XD I got her off I'm always hesitant to purchase anything Pokemon related outside of the comm or Y!J, but I'm so happy I did. She was on sale and I didn't have to pay the ridiculous ebay prices. She looks pretty authentic to me. She came in the normal box (which I butchered and show pics of later in this post), and I couldn't be happier with her. :D

My fiance also took me to Outback for dinner and (I know this is unrelated to Pokemon, but it counts towards my Valentine's day happiness... :D) he upgraded my engagement ring. :O

^______^ So even though I wasn't able to participate in the comm event, I still had a great day, and I hope everyone else did too, whether you're in a relationship or not. :3

Now back to Pokemon...

Here's another picture of my little girl. :3

Sorry for the crappy lighting. ;^^ But she's just SO SOFT!! O_O I love cuddling with her (when my kitties aren't hogging all the attention). Plus she's pretty big, so I'm definitely happy with her. I'd like to customize her with something (a bow... necklace... something), I just don't know what. :P

I'd LOVE to get a few of the other talky plushies too (like Snivy and Victini... MAYBE Oshawott.... I like the way he sings) but they are just SO EXPENSIVE! O_O But if you want one of the talky plushies, I suggest you get one! They are SO WORTH IT!

Also, while on the subject of talky plushies, there are talky Minccino plushies in this same line supposedly. I want to hear how it sounds but can't find anything on Youtube or anywhere else. If someone happens to have the talky Minccino in this plush line, PLEASE let me know. :D

I also got this plush, but I'm a little concerned with her. :/

She SUPPOSEDLY is the American release version of the Pokemon Center plush that was in the Washington kiosks at one point in time. Whether this is true or not I am not sure, seeing as how I haven't myself made a trip to the kiosk yet. The reason I'm concerned is first off, I bought her on ebay. Why? Because no one on the comm accepts Billpay with paypal, and that was the only access to money I had at the time. ;^^ Second of all, compared to the ACTUAL Pokemon Center plushies, she isn't as soft and fuzzy. Compare....

Here she is with my AUTHENTIC Japanese Minccino and Purrloin Pokemon Center plushies. I can definitely tell a difference in fuzzysoftness. I don't know if it's cuz my Emolga is a bootie, or if it's just cuz it's American release (both of which could be the case). And finally....

Wonky stitching. :/ The tail was stitched on like this when I received her. Wonky stitching is also a sign of bootlegism....(is that a word?). I'm probably gunna cut the thread anyway, but it is definitely a red flag. I also know that a lot of known bootleg sellers on ebay ARE selling this exact plush. So my question is (and this isn't the bootie question referred to in my title) ARE there bootlegs of this plush out now, IS mine a bootie, and is it WORTH it to invest in the Japanese Pokemon Center one? :O

Here are a few more pictures of back/tags/etc.

Remember earlier I said I butchered the box that my Talky Emolga came in? Well here's what I managed to salvage... I WAS going to keep the box until my kitties decided to eat it. This is just what I managed to save...

My kitties still managed to crease her. :<

Luckily this part was alright. :3 My kitty Naru decided to help me with my photoshoot. :P

I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with these yet, but I wanted to keep them. :D

......and that's it for my Emolga updates.... FOR NOW!! :O When Gin gets back, I'm going to be snagging an Emolga Pokedoll, Canvas Plush, Pokedoll keychain, and possibly the OTHER Tomy Pokemon Center plush. MAYBE. I'm also expecting an Emolga Coin Pouch, Emolga mascot plush keychain, Emolga strap, AND the new Emolga kid.

Why my love for Emolga?

Flat out, I have no idea. I saw the talking plush on Youtube, looked at the other videos of her in the anime, and decided that I love her. :O So yeah, I've started a collection (sadly... lol). My fiance is gunna kill me. X_X Raichu is still my #1 though.

Speaking of which, I DID get a few new Raichu things, but updates for my Raichu collection are becoming few and far between because I have most of the stuff I find available on the comm and YJ.

I got the Raichu Scorecard....

And the Holo Raichu sticker card. :D

I'm also expecting one set of those Ponjyan (??) tabs with Raichu from tortoises, so hopefully those will get here soon. :3

In my last post, I told the story of my fiance's boss and how she found a little Plusle strap for me. Well she found something else for me. BEHOLD!

It is a Toy Factory Charmander plush!! :O

I didn't know Toy Factory made a Charmander. O___O When I got him he had a stain on his eye, but luckily with a little water and a SUPERCOOL SHAMWOW we got the stain off. :D Other than that though, he is in GREAT condition. His tail is even all floofy...

But I thought it was nice of her to give him to me. I'm curious as to his worth seeing as how I can't find any on Ebay, but since price checks aren't allowed on the comm I'll worry about finding that info out myself. :3

and FINALLY! The last bit of stuff I got for Valentine's day. This one was a gift to myself (also because we just got our tax return... :O)

Nintendo 3ds and 3 games. :D I'm posting this because of Pokemon Rumble. It counts as part of my collection cuz you CAN get Raichu in it, and THAT was a gift from my fiance, but I gotta say I'm a little disappointed in it. They took out the ability to get shiny pokemon in it (like you can in the Wii version). So now the thrill of the hunt is gone. :< But everything else is amazing about it. :D

I also went to a job interview (and failed :<), and afterwards picked up some boosters of the new set. Wanna see what I pulled? :D:D:D:D:D


I got a reverse holo Zoroark.... WHOOOOOPIEEEEEEE!!! I see all the other card pulls and people got full art legends and Mewtwo EX.... I get a RH Zoroark.....*clap*

I'm so unlucky with Pokemon card pulls. :< And the thing I hate about it is I don't really play the TCG game anymore. I just collect certain cards that I think are cute. BUT I LOVE the thrill of opening packs. :< Problem is, USUALLY you don't get anything worth anything in the packs of Pokemon cards, and it's difficult to make your money back. Obviously if you pull a Mewtwo ex right off the bat sure you can make $60. But other than that it's kinda pointless. So I've decided to instead of buying boosters of Pokemon, to buy boosters of Magic: the Gathering and stick to buying single cards of Pokemon. But here's the rest of my pulls....

These are the cards I'm actually gunna keep. And I'm kind of irritated cuz I just purchased almost all of them from someone here on the comm. ;_; My luck I'd pull everything I wanted.... almost...

I REALLY wanted Mewtwo EX (obviously, but lawlerskates) and Emolgas. I can't pull Emolga cards for the life of me. So if anyone has any that they would like to trade (please?), let me know. Or if you are interested in purchasing any of these, throw me an offer. I'm looking to get rid of them. ;^^

And my final question regarding a bootie.....

This guy!

Pikachu Pokedoll. He was the very first Pokedoll I ever got, which is why he looks so loved. Cuz he is. But I was going through my pokedolls doing some POSSIBLE weeding and noticed that he seemed a little different than my other ones. He's obviously older cuz he's the velboa material, but I don't remember WHERE I got him. I don't know if I got him before the Online Nintendo Store in NY shut down, or if I got him on Ebay. But here's some more pictures of him:

His mouth looks crooked to me, and he doesn't have a tag (but I THINK he had the red American one when I got him. I KNOW he isn't Japanese). I am just curious if you guys think he's a bootleg or not and if he IS if anyone has a Pikachu Pokedoll that is for sale? I'd prefer to trade at the moment though, and would be willing to trade pretty much anything (within price range) in my Sales shop, which can be found HERE. Please let me know. D:

Normally I wouldn't worry about it, but seeing as how Pikachu is my first pokedoll, I want him to be authentic. I'll still keep this one even if he isn't, but I WOULD like the real thing. :3

That's it for me today. Sorry my post was so long, but thank you for reading. ;^^
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