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Never finished posting my collection!

Now it's my cards' turn.
My previous collection is posted to my journal, if interested. c:

I don't have too many cards, nor do I have buckets of super great ones.
But nontheless, I still enjoy them. I've begun collecting TCG cards just last year.
I'm not basing my collection necessarily on what's the most rare, but rather the cards I enjoy!
I love me some cutesy artsy cards.
I do have some awesome cards that aren't all about the cuteness though, you should definitely look.

I would love to get every Raichu card out there (I'm dying for Jasmine's Raichu atm), but due to the Pre-release Raichu that'll never happen. But here's what I have so far<3


Raichu cont. Along with some of my nice ones. The Yanma and Milotic are shinies. I was told that the Slowking is one of the few banned cards from the TCG tournaments because of it's PokePower. Anyone have any info on that? "Slowking was banned because of its gamebreaking PokéPower, which, if sucessful, cancelled the effects of trainer cards played by the opponent. Also, because that power was stackable, and not limited to a single use per turn." -rhetorikakrobat
Also in this bunch is that precious little Jumpluff! I love Jumpluff and Christmasy stuff, so combining them is just plain adorable.


Some more nice ones. The Machamp is 1st edition. I love that Bellossom, isn't it precious? This is also the start of my Light Pokemon collection. I want all of the Light Pokemon. The Light Wigglytuff is 1st edition.


A couple more Light Pokemon. Also, my promo cards! I have a fond memory attached to those 4.


I also really would like to get all of the Misty cards.


Even Erika's cards<3


I'm also on the hunt for the older Dark Pokemon.

I have a bit more, but these are the major sections of my collection.
I even recently got a whole lot more really cool cards, but I haven't taken any pictures. So be on the look out for my next updates! I'm also going to be updating a couple of other really sweet items I've acquired.

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