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Small Update and Want, +Extra

Hi, thanks for looking ^-^  I just had a small update and want for you guys today :> I hope you enjoy!


First things first, I was just asking a community member about the Meowth Cuddle Pillow, but it turns out, that was the "Meowth Pillow" my sister said she would buy me at Naka-Kon!!  That was actually the reason I asked in the first place; I was looking at all the big meowth pillows. Enough chatter, here is a picture of it!!

Yes, those are my old style pac man pants, Yes, that is my wearing them. No, you cannot have them. Anyway, here are some other photos as well as a size comparison ^^


Faec :D

Next get is my..well, you'll just have to see for yourself it is so awesome. I mean that in the literal sense. It causes awe.

SCRAGGY. JAKKS. I love you scraggy.

It is so cute, and it even stands up on it;s little feet, it;s not leaning against the mini dresser-jewelry box behind it!!  Don't you loooove it? Like, completely and totally?

Next we have my want. It's not a big one, but I saw it in a post earlier, and I sooooo wanted it. It might replace my suicune as my travel-buddy if I get one, but maybe not. This is teh main part!!!

So, the thing I am wanting at this moment is a Nidorina Hasbro Beanie. I'd like it in good condition (maybe a little loved, if that's all you have, but not falling to pieces.) Oh, and also, no botties, but if it has no tags, that's fine. I'd prefer the tush  tag, but the hang tag is totally not nescessary. I mean, i am going to pull it off anyway. I just want it cheaper *poor*

Here is a picture, from pokeplushproject!

Anyway, that concludes my wants.

And here's your sad bonus stuff that nobody cares about anyway ;_; xD And no, no free stuff...(maybe a virtual prize *hinthint*)


Can you guess what I am making soon? If you do, you get a free hug lol (Or if you are on deviantART, I'll give you five points)

Light blue and yellow minky, scissors.

Hints: "s," sewing, water, pokemon

Oh, and I made this. Do you like it? I spent about 3 hours on it. It's a mock pokedoll! I think I'm getting better, no?

Ahhh wingull

Thanks for looking

Tell me if this part is not allowed ^-^

Thank you for reading my potentially boring post! I hope you enjoyed ^-^
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