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Absolutely awesome gets, some more cards for sale and a want

So today I got my package from lunarchik13. Absolutely gorgeous figures that I love!!

Sneaky receipt is sneaky xD

I also added new cards to my sales

As always, it is important to know and read the fine print.  
  • Sales Permit granted on 07/02/11 by dakajojo
  • I only take PayPal
  • I'm not responsible for lost/damaged items in the mail. Please if you feel that the mail may lose or break your items, PLEASE buy tracking and/or insurance
  • I ship worldwide from Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Trades are currently Closed because sadly I cant afford the free shipping 
  • Please understand the following three items, as they will be the reason why your minimum shipping will be $1.95 in the US
  •               Paypal Fees: $0.30 Cents plus 2.9%
  •               Minimum postage: $1.95 as the mail treats everything inside of a bubble   mailer as a parcel -__-
  •               Minimum cost of an envelope is $0.49 cents. The mail sometimes rejects re-used envelopes 

  • -- Old feedback thread (just to see my FB)

    -- New feedback thread (Please post new feedbacks here :) )

Battle City: $3
Pokemon Center: $0.40
Skyarrow Bridge: $0.75
Exp Share: $0.40
Heavy Ball: $0.40
Level Ball: $0.40
Cilan (2): $0.40 each or two for $0.70
N (Reverse Holo): $1

All Cards $0.20 Each
Jigglypuff, Minccino, Pidove

Sneasel: $0.20

All Cards $0.20
Hippopotas (2)

All cards: $0.20 each
Cricketot (2), Pansage, Seedot (2), Simisage

All Cards $0.20 each
Blitzle (2)
Raichu (2)
Shinx (2)

Darumakka: $0.20
Growlithe: $0.20
Arcanine: $1
Arcanine: $1

Litwick: $0.20
Lampent: $0.20
Chandelure: $1.25 (Family: Litwick, Lampent, chandelure: $1.50)
Pansear: $0.20
Reshiram: $1.20

Elgyem (2) and Munna: $0.20
Musharna (Reverse Holo): $2
Ralts: $0.20

Cubchoo and Frillish (2): $0.20 each
Frillish (Reverse Holo) (2): $0.40 each
Lapras: $0.20
Panpour (2): $0.20 each
Simipour (Reverse Holo): $0.40
Staryu (3): $0.20 each
Starmie (Reverse Holo) (2): $0.40 each
Vanillish (2): $0.20 each

Dialga/Palkia legend bottom: $2
Kyurem EX Full body: $20 shipped

Mewtwo Bottlecap: $2
Each Code: $0.50. All Codes: $4.50 (Can be sent to your email for free)
Mewtwo EX: $50

Now my want

I can't ask for the price of this guy due to that being illegal in this community, so I was wondering if mewtwo EX could be a good trade for him, and if anybody has one in good condition (tags arent necessary, yet I dont want a plush that will fall down how over loved it has been or a plush that is too dirty plz)

If this guy is not a good trade, then I would like to ask if anybody would like to trade Mewtwo EX for this other guy (which goes for around $50 ish on eBay

I'm willing to buy them if necessary

Well here ends this LONG post.

Thanks for reading, and God Bless you all!! :D
Tags: absol, cards, mewtwo, sales, wanted
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