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B/W: Next Destinies Sale!

I know you guys are getting sick of these, but it's that time again... B/W: Next Destinies Sales! Mmm, so many delicious cards in this set!

Super cheap cards for you!
Rares only $0.50 each!
Uncommons only $0.25 each!
Commons only $0.10 each!

I've also got some sealed booster packs, Online code cards, and US Promo bottlecap figures!

Sales Policies
- I received Sales Permission from lineaalba in February of 2009
- My feedback can be found here
- I ship from the US and will happily ship anywhere
- I accept Paypal ONLY
- No trades this time around
- Prices are in USD and do not include "fees"
- Payment is due within 24 hours of my giving you your total unless we discuss something first
- Please feel free to ask any questions!

Shipping Info
I use two forms of shipping for cards: Envelopes (1-8 cards) and Bubble Mailers (9+ cards)
All cares are shipped in soft sleeves and all holos are shipped in soft sleeves and top loaders
Envelope shipping is $1.00 to the US and $1.50 Internationally
Bubble Mailers start at $2.50 in the US and $3.50 Internationally
Yes, if you buy 15 cards, I will send them in two envelopes and save you $0.50, just ask! 
Once an item is shipped, I cannot be responsible for it. I'm sorry, but I can't do anything once it's out of my hands!

IMPORTANT: I am often frustrated by folks who ask for a total and then back out. I have listed my prices and my shipping prices- the only thing not listed are (handling) "fees", which are usually nominal. Please do not ask for a total and then say "Oh, that's more than I wanted to spend, etc". I have provided you with all the information to make an educated guess at your total. On that note, I am more than happy to give you shipping quotes, but these do not hold the item for you! 

Basic Pricing:
Commons: $0.10 each
Uncommons: $0.25 each
Rares: $0.50 each
RV Holos: Rarity price + $0.05

Chandelure, Vanilluxe, Luxray, Cincinno: $1.50 each
Gardevoir: $3.00

Pinsir*, Simisage, Arcanine (12/99), Simisear: $0.50 each
Kricketune, Arcanine (13/99): $0.25 each
Seedot*, Kricketot, Pansage, Foongus, Growlithe (10/99), Growlithe (11/99), Pansear, Darumaka, Litwick: $0.10 each
Pre-Release Arcanine: $1.00
*All RV Holos are rarity price plus $0.05

Reshiram, Lapras (25/99), Beartic: $0.50 each
Lampent, Starmie, Lapras (26/99), Basculin, Vanillish, Raichu: $0.25 each
Staryu*, Panpour, Vanillite, Frillish*, Cubchoo, Pikachu: $0.10 each
*All RV Holos are rarity price plus $0.05

Muk, Musharna, Darmanitan*, Beheeyem: $0.50 each
Luxio (44/99), Luxio (45/99), Emolga, Kirlia, Hippowdon*: $0.25 each
Shinx (42/99), Shinx (43/99), Blitzle, Grimer, Ralts, Munna, Elgyem, Riolu, Hippopotas: $0.10 each
*All RV Holos are rarity price plus $0.05

Bronzong, Wigglytuff, Persian*: $0.50 each
Hippowdon, Mienshao, Nuzleaf, Scraggy, Jigglypuff, Minccino: $0.25 each
Mienfoo, Sneasel, Bronzor, Ferroseed, Meowth, Pidove: $0.10 each
Cilan*: $0.15 each
*All RV Holos are rarity price plus $0.05

Exp. Share, Heavy Ball, Level Ball, Pokemon Center: $0.15 each
Prism Energy: $0.25 each
Skyarrow Bridge (RV Holo sold): $0.50 each
Double Colorless Energy*: $2.00 each
*All RV Holos are rarity price plus $0.05

  Online Code Cards! All codes are unused!

Mewtwo Box Code: $2.00
Serperior Tin Code: $1.50
Emboar Tin Code: $1.50

60 Unused Online Code Cards: $20 shipped

7 Unopened Booster Packs: $20 shipped

US Promo Bottlecap Figures: $1.50 each 
Mewtwo is the only one "opened"
Sold: Serperior, Emboar

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