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almost freebies!! (or trade if you can)

I saw a few posts here and there with people lamenting their inability to find Jakks plush. Well, I live in an area that has like 500 Wal-Marts within an hour or so in either direction, and each one seems to have one particular plush.

Because I love you all, I bought 1 Eastern Shellos, 1 Western Shellos, 2 Sneasel, 1 Meowth, and 1 Riolu. My boyfriend wants to keep Riolu, and I sorta want to keep a Sneasel and Meowth, but it might be possible to trick me into giving them away, if you make a good offer or can convince me otherwise. (we collect fire dogs of all types, the totodile family (esp. feraligatr), lugia (though I have most lugia items at this point), caterpie, tropius, oddish, scyther, magnemite and family, and various water types).

I'll give away these plushies to THE PERSON OF MY CHOICE. Not necessarily the best offer. For people not offering a trade, I'll only ask for enough to cover the packaging, shipping, and resulting paypal fees.

So in conclusion, I have the following plush to give away.

NEW TYPE JAKKS PLUSH (soft plush and some slight sculpt redesigns)
1. 1 blue Shellos carolina_suikun
2. 1 pink Shellos tehpixelpixie
3. 1 Sneasel (#1)
4. 1 Sneasel (#2) -- trade offers only
5. 1 Meowth -- trade offers only
6. 1 Riolu -- trade offers only

Everything will be handled in the comments of this post. Paypal given when necessary, after I decide who gets what. I will STRIKETHROUGH items once they are gone. This post will be valid until all 6 plush have been crossed out.

-- Techno

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