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Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

One long overdue collection update!!

I am really overdue for a collection update and I apologize! Life has just been keeping me busy and like I mentioned before, I have not been buying as much. So, where to start?! How about with some of the things I received for Christmas?

The following are from floette, thanks to her I was able to get the last Choroneko plush that I needed! Well, until a new one is made of course...XD

Around the holidays, I got all kinds of cards, doodles and goodies from some of my amazing online friends!

I know I already said this in my "purr"-sonal journal, but I'll say it again! Thank you everyone, your gifts and thoughtfulness mean a lot...:3

Though, the biggest surprise came from dewott:

As some may recall, I had a rather impressive Suicune collection at one time. Due to finances, I had to sell off the majority of my beloved butt ribbons! I had a lot on eBay and [info]rachelled, in her kindness decided to purchase it to help me out! I was so shocked when I opened the package she sent, that it took sometime to sink in. The Cunes returned to me are now back in my collection and will never leave these doors again! The Giratina Origin notepad was an added bonus and it pleases Pickles! XD

My fiance, Rodney asked me what I would like for Christmas. I told him that I had my heart set on a Liepard MPC plush and so for Christmas he got me one:

Of course, I had to actually locate and order the plush! Rodney is a bit computer illiterate and despite my attempts he has no interest in computers or the net. Here are some more pics of the purple leopard beauty:

You have no idea how overjoyed I was when this plush was announced. Liepard is the first evolved cat to get an official plush believe it or not! Persian was close and I have the prototype to prove it.

Look at those cute little pink paw pads. I'd also like to thank denkimouse in helping to make my Christmas wish come true...;)

Speaking of gifts, I should rewind things a bit. Around the middle of 2011, I had an unexpected surprise reach my mailbox:

 [info]mazzewsaurusrex was super kind in helping me to obtain the above pictured Jessie coin. It was a total surprise, for they knew I wanted the coin and pointed me in the direction of one that was available. Sadly, I just could not splurge at the time and in an act of kindness [info]mazzewsaurusrex got it for me. Thank you so much again...:3

I think that is it for gifts, but that is not the end of the update!

I don't really collect Suicune anymore, but I did decide to keep my gold and colored chou get figures. One day, I hoped that I would eventually acquire the silver one. Thanks to growly, I was able to get my paws on the one I was missing and now my set is complete!!

So far, I have only gotten one set of the new charms.

I was a bit hesitant on getting the Meowth/Persian set, for I had a fear that Persian would not get a new pose. Boy, was I right...Oh well, "poop" happens! It is still a nice charm set and I have it proudly displayed. The final wave is what I am looking forward to the most! Purugly is finally getting a new piece of merchandise...:D

I couldn't resist the Druddigon card! Not only is the artwork gorgeous, but it kind of reminds me of Sage when he is in a grumpy mood. I also would not mind owning at least one Druddigon figure. Hooray for kitteh cards! I don't have much on my cards want list now!

I can't believe that I actually found something new of Purugly and in a unique pose too...:3

Purple kitteh stamp which came from denkimouse!

I admit, I kept pacing the floor waiting for this Zukan to be released! I have heatrotomftw97 to thank for this lovely new addition to my collection!

I must be obsessed with pink paw pads, LOL!! XD

Awhile back, I sold my 1:1 Scraggy that I named, "Mr. Pants." Not only did I need the $$$, but I had a hard time forming an attachment to him. Maybe, he was just to big?! Meet "Mr. Pants" replacement:

Lil' Mr. Pants!!

He fits "purr"-fectly on my shelf! Like Mr. Pants, Lil' Mr. Pants guards Pickles' ever growing dollar hoard from the evil Zorgneko...XD

I know own all the Scraggy charms and with that, my pants lizard collection is complete! :3

While I am at it, let's have a sales post:

My Lizard Needs A New Tanks Sales

I went ahead and lowered the prices of the remaining plush from my previous sales. I also added a Japanese Legends Entei/Suicune card set. Thanks...;)

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