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Ok so from time to time I like to buy pokemon card booster packs, because they're fun to open and I tend to get good pulls, even though I don't collect the cards nowadays and don't play the game.

I've been trying to find the mewtwo box for next destinies at my local target. No luck, so I bought three packs of the cards instead.

Check what I got from my first pack:

YEP. Mewtwo ex full art, from the first pack, from a pack that had the mewtwo art on it too.

These are what I got from the other packs:

Not great, but hey got a holofoil!

I recorded it too, so here's the video of me pulling it and cracking up.

And yep, the Mewtwo ex is for sale. $70 shipped worldwide OR best offer, and can be combined with stuff from my toy sales or tcg sales. Let me know if you're interested.

Also, fixed up my sales post with new photos and such.

I should have a collection update pretty soon here too. Just waiting for a few things in the mail :>

Edit: Oh! And please let me know if I haven't given you feedback from any sales. I'm usually pretty good with that but I'm sure I've missed a few folks.

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