sparkanine (sparkanine) wrote in pkmncollectors,

want to buy: pracoro dice and metal figures and marbles.

Yee old school.

Basically I managed to pick up a few mint-in-box battle dice which was a mistake because I really like them and now I want more. = 3= I have Charmander, Snorlax, Meowth, and Beedrill (I'll post a picture of the poses below a cut) and I just kind of want to expand my rainbow. Arcanine would be super but I am actually kind of looking to collect all of the things.

Metal figures and marbles are also a want... Again, Arcanine/Growlithe are but I got a Ninetales metal figure from an awesome user named 99reddriffloons (I have no idea how to tag people .___.) for my boyfriend and it's cute and he told me to keep it with my collection for him and I want moar. ;______; I have a bajillion marbles already but I like them so meh.

If you have any of this stuff for sale, show me what it is and throw a price at my face and I'll let you know if I'm interested! Some species I like more than others so if I turn down your supermegaultrarare Ratatta you're selling for $50 don't hold it against me. ; o ;

I think there's only one Snorlax pose, but I got the open-mouthed Charmander, closed-eyed Meowth, and... well, I can't really tell a difference in the Beedrills. -____-; Regardless, those are the ones I have so if you are selling dice I'd prefer not to buy pose doubles. c: Thankyewwwwww.
Tags: figures, wanted
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