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My Kids :D

All of my Kid Figures :D.

Kid Figures have been my favorite type of figures ever since I got my first two-Joltick (Traded for a Cubchoo Kid) and Frillish. Ever since those two I've been hooked on them >.<

First off are my starter kids :D

My favorite one in here I would say is...Torchic :D

The Blue Crew B-)

My favorite would either be, Cubchoo or Feebas!

Normal Types :I

My favorite out of these three is...Jigglypuff :D

Random Ones

My favorite here is Ariados :D

Space Tentacles!

My favorite would have to be Defense Form :P

All My Legendaries :D

My favorite...Darkrai B-)

Until Next Time :)
ALSO I'm getting about, 5 more Kids soon :DDDDD
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