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Electrifying Gets

Some amazing gets I received over the course of these 2 weeks. Which means a collection update! It's massive so get ready for plenty of pictures.

There he is without his nose. Many thanks to sorcererhuntres for being able to sell this plush to me! After a week, I finally got some material to make his nose, since he was a little sad about having no nose.

There he is with his friend a chicken nugget from placetohide. xD

His cute little star tail. n_n

He even has those stripes behind his legs. *_*

Time for the Darumaka canvas to show himself off. So very cute in his pose, taking a snooze without a care. xD

Just had to get a picture of his tag! The tags on pokemon canvases look amazing.

Now, time for something I commissioned from chibi_flare

She is wonderful at making cross-stitches! When I saw aisarang update, I just had to get a Luxray for myself. When I showed my sister the finished product, she asked for a Swampert, which chibi_flare did wonderful jobs on them. ^^ They were also very well protected between hard plastic sleeves. She also drew an adorable Luxray sleeping! X3 Will hang on my wall, since I love these type of things in my packages.^^( Swampert doesn't have his strap in this pic because I was lazy and just detached him for the pictures. xD)

They're double sided and their details are perfect!

If you made it through all of this, thank you very much, and have a good day/night! n_n

Also, if you have a luxray kid or a shinx pokedoll your willing to sell, it would be great in growing my electric lion collection!
Tags: collection, darumaka, luxray, plush, swampert
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