sanderfowl (sanderfowl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A second chance?

A year ago I registered on this journal thing. great to see that other people also (still) love pokemon.
I'm still hyped about pokemon, so here is like a re-entry post or something? please forgive for my bad english, i'm dutch. 
yeah, that's right. the country also has a lot of pokemon lovers (:
In the year that i've been gone i accomplished:  school(finalsthis year)
                                                                     get a girlfriend (:
                                                                     collect pokemon.

I still collect pokemon. joined this community to see other collections, not to buy or sell anything. 
in the Netherlands there is a site called: marktplaats (market place) which works like ebay does, but you can delete your bid.
while i was hunting on that site, it felt like i was missing something. real pokemon stuff, with real pokemon lovers. 
my collection is quite big now, but still something is missing...

so in the cut: my collection so far, and the one question that really needs an answer! (:

first of, my question: where can i get pokemon kids? 
secondly, where are the cheap pokemon kids? 

I actually registered on paypal today, got some money on my account, so if everything works out, i could start buying tommorow (:
why kids? boy, do i love kids. i don't know why, but they're just my favorite kind of figures ;p
i collected a lot of other stuff, but as an ode to pokemon, i collect kids now.
i grew up during season 1/2 so i mainly collect the second generation. 
maybe i'll make a want list soon, but i think every pokemon is unique (:

secondly, my collection: (:

actually, to lazy to get everything out of the closet.. sorry guys, i need to do a better collection update sometime ;p
these are my jakks figures, a some other figures since my second drawer is full..

it's filled with figures, the most only say: nintendo and with a random number? don't know what kind of figures these are

this photogtaph doesn't tell you much, but my discription will fill you in ;p
my goal is to make a pokemon cards pokedex. only need 10 cards or something.

i bought random lots, so here are some zukan catches 

more zukan..

three bags( usually for garbage) full of pokemon plushies(: don't ask me why, but i think i don't like these things ;o on the other side, there isn't a single pokedoll in my house... ):
can somebody tell me what kind of eevee is in the front? the one on top is play by play, and i even have a 1:1 pichu and 1:1 zubat. 
but eevee, no idea ;o

last but certaintly not least: my kids *yeaah* 
i just NEED more of these (: 
at first, wanted to stick to the netherlands, but now i'm going international for these stunning figures (:
love shadow ball gengar btw ;p

hope you like my collection, even though my photo's are look like they're made by a slaking(lazyyyy)

EDIT: because i just couldn't stand that my plushies where i a bag ;o

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