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[V Trainers//]

Yeheheeeeey x3
Three things for moi~

Espeon is tiny. So so so cute x3 And the houndoom I'm not sure about. I think I'm keepin' him, but if not, I know of a good home for him to go to :3
Pan sticker, well I'm really just getting these to cover my DS XD

But I got a lot of others with this auction, and I'm looking to sell them on, because I don't have room for them :X
They were all new in packet when they arrived, uhh, curiosity killed the cat? XD

Auctions will end at 3pm GMT (CST) on Sunday the 11th May.

Raichu - $7
Phanphy - $5
Sentret - $9
Heracross - $4
Misdreavus - Auction at $12;  BIN for $20
Charizard - Auction start at $20;   BIN for $25

Leader cartridges all $2 extra.
Whitney SOLD

All moved to my sales post!!!
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