zora_star (zora_star) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon merch in the vancouver area?

(Vancouver BC, not Washington that is!) Also I consider the whole surrounding area (from the ferries to Surrey) as 'Vancouver area' :p So with that in mind, where are some good places for Pokemon merch that I may not know about? I'll be going in a few weeks for a while, and I go to visit there every several months, so I know the area pretty good. So far I know about these places:

-Sakura Media: General anime store, nothing really Pokemon except for manga, plus I was sad when I found out the OSTs I bought from them were bootlegs, since they sure looked convincing >_<

-T&T Market Metrotown: This is the ONLY one of the chain where I have found and bought Kids!

-Crystal Mall: Now I heard (I think it was from okapifeathers actually) that there is a store in here with lots of Pokemon merch! I have never been here before, and looking on the site I assume it's the toy store? What sort of items do they carry and are the prices good?

Any other places around that I might have missed? I know the usual TRU etc, but I'm only going to check those out to find old TCG blisters and tins (I can out with a great haul last year!) I'm not sure if I'll even be able to make it to Burnaby and stuff, but for if I do, I'll definately want to poke around at some places^^
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