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Ninetales custom plush auction!







This is a one-of-a-kind plush made by Tedimo on deviantArt. She's stated before that she won't make another of these, and she isn't making the pattern available anymore either.

The plush is made of minky and faux fur fabric. She's about 13" tall and 16" long. With a bit of patience, she can stand on her own! I'm the original owner and she's been carefully stored since I got her and not displayed. She really is a gorgeous plush and would make an amazing addition to any Nintetales/Vulpix collection. She's the perfect size and fabric to be displayed with a Vulpix canvas plush!

Rules and such:

Starts at $150. (USD)

Sales permission granted by Gin in June of 2009.

I accept Paypal only. I can do payment plans that can be completed by the beginning of April, with an initial payment of 25% due within 3 days of auction end unless previous arrangements are made with me before bidding. If the auction goes over $250, I'd consider doing longer payment plans, just ask!

I ship from the United States, and the auction winner will pay shipping. I can ship anywhere, just ask for a quote! Due to the value of the item and the need to insure it, I can't falsify customs forms, sorry!

Auction ends Wednesday, February 22, at 10:00pm EST. Standard Pkmncollectors auction rules apply/no sniping, ect.

and I still have some Eevee charms for sale here:
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