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Waaaaay too long overdue major collection update

Hey there, long time no post! My last post was actually back in August, and I started buying stuff again in October, but kept pushing my collection update back like a lazy person that I am. So now:

~Major Collection Update~

First, some figures. The new ones since last time are Beheeyem and the Pansage Pepsi strap (from heatrotomftw97 and Gin, respectively). Elgyem/Beheeyem is a side collection. I actually thought I would like Reuniclus more, regarding psychic-types, but this alien came up top.

My other two side-collections, Yamask/Cofagrigous and Minccino/Cinccino. Well, figure-wise. (No, Asuka doesn't count!) Cinccino Kid from heatrotomftw97 (iirc), Cinccino Pepsi strap from Gin, and Cofagrigus strap from killmeneko!

Zukan from Heatrotom! I'm sorta disappointed in the paint job, as the Gardevoir line Zukan I have has a nice one. None-the-less, they are delightfully derpy <3

Plushies! The newcomers are the Pokedolls from Gin!

More plushies! Click for bigger. New guys aaaaare: Yamask and Simipour MPCs from nanoplasm, Yamask Banpresto plush from chariflame, Super DX Panpour, Elgyem MPC, and Tomy Cinccino from Gin.

A lovely clearfile from mizuhokusanagi! I thought CF would be stiffer like a normal folder would be. I guess it needs paper in it for that to happen! lol

Not only did i get some toys over the months, but doujins as well! All are from Comiket81. Click for bigger!

A5-sized doujins.


And why not end this big-ass post with a collection site pimpage!

Just from the name you can tell what you're heading into! It's still a WIP, but it's mostly done. Take a looksie and maybe trade links!

Thanks a bunch for looking!! ( ノ´∀`)ノ❤
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