Zen (zenity) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Lots o 'Cots!

Hello pkmncollectors!! I came to share a story of a lot I won on yahoo!japan. This lot was supposedly for an entire set of Minicots, MINT IN PACKAGE, plus extras! I was so ecstatic, finally my MiniCot collection would be complete!! But as it turns out, it wasn't the complete set after all... So my quest continues!! I did however, keep 5 of the minicots for myself to add to my collection. I kept 5... out of 91

Which means THE REST GO TO YOU GUYS!!!

EDIT!! I MISSED A FEW IMAGES!! more minicots added including: Hoppip, Jigglypuff, lapras and skitty!!!

I'm taking offers on the four pictured here. (Typhlosion, Eevee, Kyogre and Charizard.) All of the other minicots are up for straight sale. THESE ARE ALL MIP!!! Ask for availability!

Sceptile, Swampert - $7

Cyndaquil, Charmander - $5

Blastoise, Feraligatr - $5

Squirtle, Totodile - $4

Skitty, Lapras - $5

Chikorita, Bulbasaur - $3

Meganium, Deoxys (Normal) - $3

Spinda, Celebi, Psyduck - $3

Marill, Snorlax - $3

Hoppip, Jigglypuff - $2

Togepi, Slugma, Ledyba - $2

Whismur, Wobbuffet, Phanpy, Swinub - $2

You may also combine shipping with anything in my sales!!! Comment here if you are interested in a Mini-Cot, and then let me know what else you'd like from my sales. You can find my sales info and feedback on my sales page!! If multiple people claim certain items, it will go to whoever's comment time stamp is earliest, regardless of where it was posted! (either here on this post or in my sales!)

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