Soul (zoroark) wrote in pkmncollectors,

who's that pokémon?

Today I randomly decided I wanted a Mewtwo Collection Box. So I went to my local Target and couldn't find one anywhere! Disappointed, I decided to be impulsive and just buy three Next Destinies booster packs instead. And boy, am I glad I did.

Here's my story...

So I bought two Mewtwo packs and one Zekrom pack, hearing the Mewtwo packs tend to be the best pull-wise (and always hoping for a full art Mewtwo EX) and Zekrom because, well he's awesome, and I figured the universe would be tricky and put an awesome card in a non-Mewtwo-pack-that-I-debated-wether-it-was-worth-buying-but-decided-to-anyway. So I decided to open a Mewtwo, then Zekrom, then Mewtwo.

So I did the card trick with the first pack and everything and pulled out these guys (sorry for the crappy pictures, it's late so I have no natural light to work with).

Not too bad. I've always thought Litwick is cute and the reverse holos in this set are beautiful. More so than the normal holos! I got a Gardevoir holo at least though, so I was satisfied with that, but of course I went to the Zekrom pack with the same amount of eagerness.

I was surprised to find a nice rare in this pack...

Again, the reverse holos look awesome. Luxio just looks awesome too. Then I looked at the rare and thought, AWESOME! Zapdos holo! This definitely made my day. Love it. But I still had one more pack to open, and so I did...

Again, I was surprised! Two of the elemental birds. And again, the reverse holos make the regular holos look so lame. XD So I was down to the last card, totally hoping for something awesome to make my prediction of the last card of the last pack being the best pull be true, like it usually is. And while Mewtwo unfortunately wasn't there, I was completely stunned to find out who was...

I totally screamed, "NO WAI!", or at least, in my head I did. Never did I expect this! Full art Reshiram EX - made my awesome pulls that much more awesome. While it probably doesn't compare to my Charizard * pull from Dragon Frontiers years ago, I have to say it's a lot more beautiful. Too bad I don't collect any of these! It was a total impulse purchase, but I'm glad!

Thus, my random gush ends. Good luck to everyone else with any of their pulls! XD
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