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Adorable Stamps GB + Metal Figs/Bento Erasers GB

Oh my, shiny_vulpix and I are running two group buys in one post! Both of these are buy-it-nows, so once we get enough claims, we'll purchase the sets.

First up, the Adorable Stamps GB

The adorable stamps GB is from eBay, so there will only be two payments! One for the auction + shipping to shiny_vulpix, and then shipping from shinyv to you.

Each stamp will be $1.50 before shipping/fees.
Each ink pad will be $2 before shipping/fees.

Pikachu stamp: shirohikarikaze
Tepig stamp: crasherwake
Victini stamp: tailglow
Cubchoo stamp: trynyti
Munna stamp: mizuhokusanagi
Purrloin stamp: lucklessprince
Sewaddle stamp: tailglow
Emolga stamp: shiny_vulpix
Gothita stamp:
Minccino stamp: mizuhokusanagi
Whimsicott stamp: tailglow
Lilligant stamp: tailglow
Ducklett stamp: pacificpikachu
Deerling stamp: tailglow
Snivy stamp: hebitheivan
Oshawott stamp: nasija
Audino stamp: autumnrain
Pansage stamp: toda
Munna/Emolga/Pikachu ink pad: tailglow
Minccino/Oshawott/Deerling ink pad: shirohikarikaze

Next, the Metal Figs/Bento Erasers GB

The metal figs/bento erasers GB is from Y!J, so this one will have three payments – the auction itself + deputy fees, shipping from Japan to shinyv, and then shipping from shinyv to you.

Erasers will be about $4 each before shipping/fees.

Oshawott/Darmanitan: tamago226
Minccino/Scraggy: shirohikarikaze
Axew/Munna: berugii
Snivy: dinictis
Tepig: crasherwake
Audino/Sewaddle: happyparasol

Metal figures will be about $5 each before shipping/fees.
Coins will be around $3 each before shipping/fees.

Audino: fiztheancient
Emolga: shiny_vulpix
Krookodile coin:
Pikachu coin:
Samurott coin: crimson_angel02


Our feedback and whatnot:

shiny_vulpix (handling payments and shipping) - granted sales permission by denkimouse in '08
happyparasol (handling posts and spreadsheets)

You're absolutely welcome to claim things from either GB, but keep in mind that they're separate GBs from separate sellers. If you claim a stamp, though, shinyv will be more than happy to hang onto it and then send it along with your metal fig/eraser claim once that lot arrives to save on shipping.

shiny_vulpix ships from the US and accepts Paypal. Payment is expected within 24 hours of the stamps set being purchased (eBay lot, so it needs quick payment!) and 48 hours of posting the metal figs/erasers invoice.

No backing out of claims, deleting comments, etc! We're watching you! Lack of payment will result in bad feedback on the shiny new feedback system – you don't want that, do you? ♥
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