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Mass Weeding and opinions?

Since I am seriously running out of room in my room, I looked my collection up and down and decided to focus ONLY on the Pokemon that I collect and certain plush lines (Canvas, Pokedolls, etc) now. I am still struggling with giving up some things since there is so much great merch, but after much thought I have decided to sell my zukans, TFGs, kids, some Pokedolls, and a bunch of other things.

On another note, I was wondering if anyone out there is as insane about tags as me? I have received several plush from comm members whose tags were not protected, other accidents happened, or I intentionally bought a plush with imperfect tags (because of the nice price). I have really tried my best to ignore it and still love the plush for well... the plush, but I just end up really disappointed or irritated whenever I look at the imperfect tag. orz I really wish it didn't bother me so much but I have come to the conclusion that its just one of those things and it will just bother me forever (hence me selling all my Pokedolls with imperfect tags XD). Is anyone else like this? That messed up tags just ruin the deal for you?

Sales permission granted by dakajojo10/2011
New feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/wutastic/

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OH EDIT: Sorry I forgot to mention that I have yet to ship any of the orders from my previous sales. This week turned out to be more hectic than I imagined and I am usually a fast shipper so I'm sorry guys. I will get them out next week for sure.

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