Brittiny (karoia) wrote in pkmncollectors,

question about collections!!!

I don't come with any sales or collection updates today. Just a question, so I can try to show I am not dead! XD

basically, I moved the majority of my collection from my son's room to my room. But some of it is still in my son's room... some of it is on mini shelves already attached to my son's wall, and I really don't want to move them (also some of my anime figures and ponies are in his room on some wall shelves XD). I really don't want to move them because it will just leave holes in the wall and I'll have to make more holes in my wall XD

So my question is, does anyone else have their collection displayed in more than one room? I'd be curious to see how you did it or decided what goes where ^^ I think I'm going to keep Marill/Deerling/Trubbish and my pkmn games in my room, and all my little side things (like some random kids, legendary dogs, etc) in my son's room on the small shelves. But as I said, I'd be curious to see what you have rigged up!

oh and about these card sleeves:

they come in packs of 32 I understand. I only want a single sleeve because of deerling... does anyone ever buy a pack of these and sell the leftovers? @_@ maybe that's what I will have to do if no one else is. I really want one! The art is so precious!
Tags: deerling, wanted
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