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Multipurpose post! (Huge find... Literally.)

Hi guys, long time no post. University and all sorts of other things have made me lurk this community like crazy, I wanted to show you all a great find I had last week :) Was going to make a collection post however i'm changing my bedroom around & i'm getting new shelving for my plush ^_^ (yay finally!) so that'll be sometime soon hopefully!

What in the world?

I bought this guy last week, he's huge! I have no idea where to put him... any suggestions? He's very heavy ._. He roughly measures around 30 inches tall and 40 inches wide. Japanese Lapras pokedoll for size reference ^^' his foot is bigger, I found it quite cute.

I also have some things for sale from my collection including pokedolls, UFO plush, kids etc.

Sales permission granted by Dakajojo over a year ago.
Link to feedback:
Shipping is from the UK. I will ship internationally. I usually ship on Fridays and Saturdays as they're my only days off.
I'm open to haggling! :) Shoot me an offer.

(Dark photos sorry the sun ran away, damn England) Super cute washcloth: $20 obo!

Espeon: $8 Umbreon: $8 Leafeon: $8 Flareon: $6

Jirachi: $2 Chikorita: $3 Celebi: $2 Cyndaquil (has a slight mark on his nose, he was bought that way brand new): $3

All items above are $2 each or take them all for $7

All above $2 each or take them all for $5

Pichu straps! $1 each! 

Adorable Eevee charm/strap, make me an offer! (taken out of plastic for photo)

Now onto the wants! ^^' Though I doubt there's much chance of finding these ;-;

DX plusle & minun (not the oversize plush I have them already), swampert, poliwhirl & magikarp pokedolls. 
Also i'm looking for the DX pikachu pokedoll & booty dx lapras doll if anyone has one at all can they shoot me a offfer? I was hoping they would come back on eBay but no such luck :(

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