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Massive Noppin Sales and Auctions!

Hello collectors! I recently received a box from Noppin and it had many surprises inside that I wasn't expecting to receive! I have over 20 brand new MPC plush up for auction, as well as 2012 calendars, ANA merchandise, tons of pan stickers and much more under the cut. 

Sales Information:

  • I was granted sales permission by denkimouse
  • I ship from the US and will ship internationally. Shipping starts at $2.50 and goes up. (Flat items may be shipped for cheaper using a letter.)
  • I only accept Paypal. Payment is due within 24 hours of receiving your total or the items will go to the next person interested. 
  • I ship within one to two business days of receiving payment.
  • I am not responsible for items lost in the mail. Please ask for tracking or insurance if you need it!
  • Community feedback is located here. <3
  • I will trade for items on my wishlist! ^_^

Auctions have ended! Thank you for participating! 

Auctions will end on Wednesday, February 22 at 10 PM EST. Countdown timer here!
BINs are no longer valid if there are already bids on an item.

Auctions start at $15 each or you can BIN for $25!

Auctions start at $15 each or you can BIN for $25!

Auctions start at $15 each or you can BIN for $25!

Auctions start at $15 each or you can BIN for $25!

Tiny glass bottles- you can view the backs here and the container here! (Bottle with the highest bid amount at the end will get the case!)
Mew and Eevee start at $3. Pikachu starts at $1.

ANA watch is up for auction starting at $15! Here is a bigger picture of the clock face!

Surfing/Flying Pikachu stamps start at $5!

Two McDonald's Pokemon 2012 Calendars start at $10 each. (Pictured are the front and back.) These calendars feature a ton of Unova pokemon, along with Ash, Iris, and Cilan- check out the calendar pages using the links below:

View December 11/January here!
View February/March here!
View April/May here!
View June/July here!
View August/September here!
View October/November here!
View December here!

Pan sticker albums- $5 each. I also have pictures of the backs and what the albums look like inside.

These pan stickers are $4 each. Jirachi/Pikachu is on a silver background, Pichu brothers has a gold background, and Pikachu/Pichu brothers are on white.

All other pan stickers are buy 5, get one free!

$2 each
Sold: Persian

$2 each
Sold: Numel 

$2 each
Sold: Kirlia, Gardevoir, Shuppet, both Sevipers, both Banette, Poochyena

$2 each
Sold: Both Delcatty, All Gulpin, one Electrike

$2 each
Sold: One Sharpedo, One Swampert

$2 each
Sold: Walrein, Kyogre swimming up

Top Row - $0.50 each - These stickers are slightly discolored around the edges.
Bottom Row - $1 each - These stickers have dirty or torn backing.

Japanese Postcards- $3 each
Sold: Aerodactly, Mew on the right 

Large sticker sheets featuring tons of Unova pokemon- $5 each

Large Pikachu figure- $10 OBO (Marill kid for size reference)
Comes with the box! There are directions on the side in Japanese (but with pictures). When you turn the ear, the belly pops open. The box also says something about turning it on to make it flash/talk? Not sure. Pretty box art picture.

Pokemon culinary set? Brand new- $10 obo
I'm not sure what you're supposed to do with this but there are lots of pictures and writing on the box! See the pictures below:

Pokemon sushi (?) picture here.
Directions picture here.
Pokemon jello picture here.

Pokemon magazine books (?) - $8 each OBO
I have two copies of Giratina/Shaymin and one copy of Darkrai.
The magazines contain pictures of merchandise and cardboard cutout display pieces.
Sold: Darkrai magazine, one Giratina/Shaymin magazine

Brand new Pokemon coloring books- view a picture of some of the coloring pages here! The 
Small book- $5
Large books- $7

The middle book contains a lot of large scenes with multiple pokemon and/or trainers (e.g. Ash, Brock, Team Rocket, Dawn)
The book on the right contains large pictures of Pokemon- either one to a page or three.
The small book contains solo shots of Pokemon with the picture on one side and stationary on the other.

ANA fans- $1
Pikachu pencil pack- $3
Gameboy album- $2 (View the inside pockets here! Marill kid for size reference)
Large pikachu sticker- $1

Sold: Gameboy album

Plastic round purses- $3 (View the Pokemon on the sides here! Both purses are the same- Marill kid for size reference.)
Pikachu bag- $5
Sold: One red purse, both washcloths

Talking Pikachu- $8
Marill/Small Pichu/Shaymin plushies- $5
Cleffa- $3
Munna/Piplup tiny plush- $2 each 
Sold: mini pika plush, large fuzzy Pichu plush

Everything- $1
Sold: Pikachu figure, Mew figure, Pichu figure

Electivire plush- $12 
Buneary/Palkia- $6
Pikachu/Cherrim/Charizard/Mantyke/Bulbasaur- $3
Oshawott/Phione- $5
Sold: Shaymin, Raikou

Coins and pins- $0.50 each or take them all for $5!
Sold: Ivysaur, Bulbasaur, Venusaur, and Nidoking pins

Rayquaza charm strap- $5
Grumpig/Tentacool/Torchic/Combusken/Charmander- $5 each
Crobat charm set- $13 (will not separate!)
Kabutops Johto charm- $5
Bonsly pokedoll charm- $15
Sold: Charmeleon charm

Jumbo TCG cards- $4 each
Lenticular pokemon/pokeball sticker sheets- $4 each
Yellow Sinnoh pokemon sticker sheet- $4
Blue Sinnoh pokemon sticker sheet (missing two stickers)- $2

Zekrom Stylus pac- $3 (can ship out of package if you want)
Snivy stylus- $3
MIP Ho-oh preorder fig- $3
Pokemon patches- $4 each
Torchic stencil (makes super cute torchics!!)- $2

Enormous Box of flats- $10
There are hundreds of items in here- BK cards, Pokemon the Movie cards- Pikachu's vacation, TV show cards, TCG booklets, etc

I also have a massive lot on ebay with all of my unsold items from previous sales posts. Check it out! Any reasonable offer will be accepted. It could also make a great GA. ;)

Click here!

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