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Small Collection Update, plush sales, and gauging interest? :0

Hi community, I'm always lurking around these days I swear, but this time I have a some small sales and an unexpected collection update...well at least to me. Come check it out. :3

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I received my 2nd wave charms from Gin a while back, I just love the poses that they used. I was not disappointed. I'm too afraid to take them out of the plastic though. xD Also, below that are some Trozei stickers that I received from nameless5555, they are too cute. <3

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Received this Pokemon Center Lugia, the japanese version from Zefiru. It completes my sad little lugia collection. It's such a beautiful plush. ^.^

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Then we have more twins...I have this thing for twins I swear. I traded Jadekitty for these, and gosh afhjksdhdj they are just too cute. Plusle and Minun movie goods.

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On the left we have the keychain, then the eraser, and then the cell phone charms. I personally find the cell phone charms to be my favorite. The little pokeballs connect. >w<

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And I also got these can badges from her. I didn't know they would be so big. x_x I thought they were smaller than the eraser. x3

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And there they are, forced into that small cubby space by my mother. Because I really don't have enough room to be starting another collection. The shaymins have taken over all the space. BUT I WILL MAKE IT WORK.

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I forgot I had this big guy, I found him in my closet. He is probably like a million years old cause I've had him since pre-kinder. I don't think I've seen anyone with him around here, but to be honest I don't think I can keep him, there is no space. ^^; I'm going to clean him up today so if anyone is interested in him on here, I might put him up for sale/auction.

Size comparison with Sceptile.
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Sales permission granted on 07/27/2011 by Denkimouse

* I ship from the US and will ship internationally. There is no smoking in the house, but there is one dog. I keep everything out of reach.
* I accept PayPal only. I do not do holds unless you are committed to buying the item 100%
* I am not responsible for items once they are in the Post's hands.
* Shipping is $2.00 for the U.S. $4.00 for international.
* I do accept trades on shaymin and lati@s items I don't have.
* Rep page is here:

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Riolu Pokedoll(No Hangtag) - $15
Gizamimi Pichu Tomy plush (MWT) - $20
10th Anniversary Chikorita Pokedoll (No Hang tag, but might be in hand) - $35

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Used PokemonTime Coinpurse - $10

Thanks for looking. :D
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