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Quick Re-intro, Valentines Exchange, Recent Gets, and Small Wants~

Wow it has been a while since I last posted to this community even if I still check in every day. For those who don't recognize me, I'm Suppi and I'm primarily a Lugia and Larvitar collector. I'm 25 and residing in the great state of Washington where I work with zebrafish at the University of Washington. Life's been busy on my side of things and collecting had to take a back-seat for a while. But I'm slowly getting back into the groove of things once more and luckily, I have some recent gets that I would love to share with you. :)

First up is the lovely items I received from shadoweon for Valentine's day! I'm sorry to be so late with posting an update, I've just moved into my new place this last weekend and everything was in boxes. ^^;

First up, we have the handsome Mr. Chu keychain, bowtie and all, and three sets of new B&W cards which brought back total nostalgia, let me tell you.

Next up we have my new favorite love from the newest series, Axew! This is my first piece of merchandise I have for the little cutie, so I'm supper happy! I'm so out of the loop, I forget what these are called. xD

And then probably my favorite item I got, a custom Pikachu ornament. Isn't she just lovely? Her accessories are my favorite detail. :3

The package also came with some yummy candy hearts and lollipops which are long gone, haha. Thank you so much again shadoweon, you made this a very lovely package to receive in the mail. ♥♥

My other recent gets include the Lover-chu's and Lugia charm from denkimouse. I'm just so bowled over by the cuteness; I smile every time I look at them.

Though just curious, does every Lugia charm come minus his eye dots? xD

From dewott I got the most adorable Pikachu charm who happily resides on my keys now.

As you can probably tell, I'm well on my way to charm fever. Which is accurately shown in my small wants list below. Help a fellow charm addict out? :)

~Larvitar Charm
~Celebi Charm
~Jirachi Charm
~Any Pikachu charm, but especially the Rainbow (?) series

Thanks so much for looking and be on the lookout for a new custom idea I have in a few weeks! ♥~
Tags: axew, lugia, pikachu
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