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Full moon and midnight sky

Hello everyone. As you may know from last week, this is my last post for while. But damn it- its a good one! Its my first YOTD ( year of the dragon) post I have dragons, fire pigs fire monkey and two cameos from some recent gets.

OK lets get this started!!

I have been using noppin and I have managed to get some wonderful items!

first up to dragonite kids. The messenger kid which i have been after for a while and look- A DX dragonite kid! A very lucky find since I have never seen one before. How many of you have seen one?

My dragonite zukan. A kind of grail that I kept missing. Until the wonderful ladyjoanna/mirva/slowpuff sold me hers! Thank you dear!!! and yes I use blue tack to secure drgaoniar and dragonite.

My haxoruses- Dx from hardrock and the attack kid from Denkimouse- thank you to both!

With the new year of the dragon stuff coming out

including the Dragon selecton goods I just couldn't help but get some of the items. Here i have 4/5 of the clearfiles, a note book and the hanky. All so beautiful! I did get the salamence one but it vanished soon after gin bought it. Hopefully I can get another one from her!

storytime: It was friday the 13th the day of my exam I had been bored and looking through the comm. First we had the type focus stuff- cute but nothing I collect. Gin had her stunfisk- adorable troll fish promo. A wonderful promotion but again I lack the space for the adorable fish. THEN THIS CAME ALONG! MY jaw dropped. My face matched my Matt icon I am using on the post. I HAD TO GET IT NO MATTER WHAT!! Brian hadn't got any, they were sold out at the time so I hit Yj! bought one and after waiting for customs to attack my noppin box I finally got it. My mum picked it up on valentines day- maing it the best item i got for valentines day ever! sure beats tacky soft toys, chocolates and ott gestures of Love!!!

in other news SLLEPY PIGGY! I told myself "Dragonrider, you don't have room for a sleepy starter as you can see I caved. I am soo glad i did!" meet Vikarla ( cookies to anyone who can guess the reference!) Thank you to johotofire!!

All my pilow plushies- ignore gabumon and chibi

" hmm all he does is sleep? why?"
and the grumpy dude hanging with him is my yuke mascot Matt

DRAGON BLANKET!!! thank you gengareric! its soo sofft and warm!!

oh and some items from hebi some macdonalds toys ( since us brits will not be getting pokemon at McD!) reshiram zekrom and tepig. ( just need pikachu and snivy!) and yes you can see a pony. RD!! I got into MLP a while ago and hebi picked up a Rainbow dash for me! THANK YOU HEBIII!!!!!!

other gets

yay I am getting married! ( not really but hey nice ring huh> thank you okampifeathers!)

my new charmander items. The kfc Charmeleon from eledora and the 151 badges from cyritc.

A trio complete!

over the christmas holidays, i watched the sinnoh movie triogy and got hooked. Since I had a giratina and a dialga I decided to complete the set. Thank you to spidey and io_ms GA I got palkia and arceus came from uskaochan!


Dialga- TARDIS
Palkia Astro ( yeah I am not very orginal!)
Giratina- malefor
Arceus Morgan

I know they are random names but hey!

and finally My chimchar canvas. I thiuh I would never get him after the corininrose incident but looks like all the loose ends were tied up which is good.

I have some other gets, but they will have to wait for while!

Ok that is all from me for a while sinve my collecting is on hold for the moment.

Thank you everyone!
Tags: charizard, charmander, charmeleon, chimchar, dialga, dragonair, dragonite, dratini, druddigon, haxorous, latias, latios, rayquaza, tepig
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