Benny Woolley (lucario) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Benny Woolley

Glittering Hoard GA - Arrived! Pics!

Hooray! It arrived! A huge, heavy box of mysteeerious packages. Ooo~

I'll start weighing on Monday and have Payment 2 / Left overs posted then. I have someone staying over this weekend and it's rude enough of me to disappear all evening photographing this stuff. ;)

Now, some of the participants have not paid for Payment 1, I paid up front when it ended, so I'm out over $20 due to you guys. No photos or extras until you pay! Spreadsheet is here
I am sending out reminder PMs tomorrow. But you've already had eight days to pay since I posted the (first) reminder, so if you don't pay me in 3 days after the PM (or respond with a reason why you cannot pay me) I will be offering your claims to the community.

Wildtentacruel, we need to sort something out as one of your items was not included (Kangaskhan rollerball). I am happy to let you have first pick of all the extras, whilst I ask what happened. I collect rollerballs and whilst I don't have a Kangaskhan, I do have some doubles you could pick through?

Also giant heap of stuff you didn't want. :( My house is so tiny.

Pics! If there's something missing from a  pic, I'll be double checking during weighing so don't worry/nag me.

your coins are: Pidgeotto, Mewtwo, Slowpoke, Dugtrio, Farfetch'd and Nidorina.
I picked you the least scuffed Masterball, but they're all pretty similar. If you don't want any of those coins I would happily buy them off you for what you paid + postage.

BlueHyaku: No problems. Nice and clean.

Chronidu: Pics after payment.

Dezchu: I owe you 50 cents, I charged you too much postage. Sorry! I also seem to have accidentally deleted your photo, but trust me everything was fine. I think your pika even lights up still! I'll take another one tomorrow.

doctoreevee: I'm sorry it's not a cup, it's a metal can for keeping pencil shavings in. Kinda dirty. LMK if you want it still. No pics until payment.

Doryphish333: Charizard is clean and new, but his wings are separated (it happens if they dry out, mine was similar before I glued it). Some PVA or fabric glue will fix it seamelssly. Mew is okay too.

Gengareric: He's fine.

My things are pretty clean. The marble case is clearly heavily used, but it's the only one I've seen for a while, so I'm happy!

jeffyisaraichu: All fine. Lickitung is a pokeball plush.

Jyxxie: Pay me.

Kriscarmi: No pics until payment.

lapopearmadillo: It's fine, I removed the dome to take a photo, but it's all good.

megami36: No pics or marble details until payment.

Nasija: All fine.

Pokepalace: No splitting on Mew, probably the best BK Mew I've seen this year.

raikovladi92: As with Charizard, Magikarp's material has dried out and you could glue this with craft glue no problem. No pics until payment.

Leftovers? You guys bid on about 1/3 of the items. Hngh. Don't leave me with all this stuff. ;_;

Okay, one or two bits are cool. Like this useless coin purse Pokeball... I'm totally keeping this. You guys had your chance.

And this Hasbro purse(?) that we thought was a beanie.

Also, don't start claiming or lusting after things in comments below. I will not take notes.
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