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Updated Sales & Wanted & HT GB Update

I got a set of phone straps at my local anime store that I added to my sales page(I just wanted one so the rest are for sale). I also have some deck sleeves, a crocheted Pokeball, a few figures, and some discounted items... oh and of course tons of TCG cards and online codes from the Tepig tin and Noble Victories booster packs.
Click here or on Slowpoke to go to my sales page.
Sadly Reuniclus has a scratch on him, but he is discounted. I'm almost positive these are not booties, but my local anime store is loaded with bootleg Pokemon along side the real Jakks plushes and figures. If anyone has info on these I would appreciate it!

I'm on the lookout for the Jakks Victini plush. Has anyone seen them in stores yet? Our Target and Meijer are real low on the plushes from the last set, so I've been hoping the next restock will be the new set with Victini!

As always, I'm on the lookout for ANYTHING Victini, and also Scraggy/Scrafty items, so let me know if you have anything for sale for those guys. :3

To everyone who participated: I just left you guys feedback, so don't forget to leave me some too when you get your items! Thanks again for participating! I got enough Hot Topic points to get 15% off my next order and I used it already to get a hoodie I really wanted, and a Pokemon shirt for my husband! I'm forcing him to like Pokemon as much as me. >:3
Tags: cards, emboar, figures, gothitelle, lillipup, lucario, reuniclus, sales, scraggy, victini, wanted, wormadam
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