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First (quick) wants post + Chikorita Laughing at...Infinity?

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well this evening/morning/etc. I know I said something about not posting for at least a week, buuuuut I just had to share something silly (plus, it's been four days). <3

I'm in a giggly and funny mood today due to doing something silly just an hour ago. I'll explain that in a bit. But first, my first wants post! I don't like to do them, believe it or not, as I feel annoyed at myself when I do them. It makes me seem needy, lol. But, it's just one small thing.

I'm looking for the square Ducklett stamp as seen in this pic. I've already bought the round one from the awesome allinia. =3

I'm willing to spend $5+ on it, so feel free to tell me if you have it on sale! <3

I also have a wishlist, so if you have any of this stuff, feel free to inquire me about it!


Heehee, you'll have to click the cut on what I did here. XD

Whee, infinite laughing Chikoritas! XD
Basically, I have a mirror cabinet(?) right next to the bathroom mirror, so...it can produce interesting reflections such as this. =P

Here's a vid about it as well.

And that's it! Thanks for looking! <3
Tags: chikorita, plush, wanted
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