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Shining Cards GB

Hi, PKMNCollectors! ^^

Update:All payments have been received and cards have been paid for! I will notify everyone when they arrive and get out shipping quotes for second payments then.

Since Registeel didn't appear to have any interest, I went ahead and sent an offer for all the cards except Regi. We raised $126.80, so I offered $130. I hope no one minds paying an extra $.40 per card ($3.20 divided by 8 cards). They accepted the offer and I told them I would pay tomorrow afternoon. Totals have been sent via comment reply on this post (they include the original claim price + $.40 per card claimed + paypal fee). Please send payment ASAP! Thanks! :D

***If anyone does have a problem with the extra $.40 per card, please let me know. I had planned to ask claimers about this beforehand but the seller replied before I got the chance and I wanted to go ahead and commit to buy before someone else purchased the lot and we lost all our cards. Anyway, if you don't like the additional fee, let me know, and I will recalculate your total without the extra $.40.

(Btw, I am editing this journal at about 2am EST and have to wake up at 9am (so it's sleep time! ^^;). I will be at school until sometime in the afternoon, so I will reply to all comments after then.)

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - Click the Previous Feedback Link Also here - Link

I have a new (semi-complicated) Shiny Card GB for you! ^^

PLEASE NOTE: All cards in GB are in ENGLISH! (except Mew) I used Bulbapedia stock photos for the card images above.

Cards are described as mint to near mint.

7 of 9 cards claimed so far! Almost there! :D
Only Registeel and Shining Celebi need claims!
Someone is interested in trading for Celebi but I would much rather get the money to cover the price. But...Registeel definitely needs a claim. O:

I saw this lot trying to be GB'ed before, but the lot has been relisted so I'm guessing that GB failed. Since I figured all the cards weren't worth $30+, I looked up the values of the 8 English cards on trollandtoad.com and then valued Mew at $40.

Now here's the complicated part I mentioned. ^^;

The total with shipping to me for the lot is $155.50. The total of the cards without discounting them is $189. If you divide 189 by 155.5 you get a number between .83 and .82. I discounted all the cards by 18% And the total comes to $154.98 (I will add the extra .52 to my Mew card total). So!

Here's my math -

Shining Dialga - 7
Shining Palkia - 5
Shining Rayquaza - 14
Shining Deoxys - 7
Shining Noctowl - 18
Shining Celebi - 28
Registeel Gold Star - 35
Crystal Celebi - 35
Shining Mew - 40


*.82 (18% discount)



I hope that's understandable. ^^;

There will be two payments:

1) Price of card w/ shipping to me + fee.
2) Shipping from me to you

Please only claim if you will be able to pay immediately after the cards are bought. The listing ends in about 5 days so payment would be around then.

(Prices here do not include fee which will be determined by the price of the cards you claim.)
Dialga - $5.74 - eternal_rena - PAID
Palkia - $4.10 - toda - PAID
Rayquaza - $11.48 - toda - PAID
Deoxys - $5.74 - chibisilverwing - PAID - miscalculated
Noctowl - $14.76 - rocket_chick - PAID - miscalculated
Shining Celebi - $22.96 - paid for by me - trading with areica96 - card/cash not received
Registeel - $28.7
Celebi (e-reader) - $28.7 - chibisilverwing - PAID - miscalculated
Mew $32.8+.52=$33.32 - Me! <3

Let's make this GB a success! :D

~ Risha
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