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sales, offers, and an update!

Hello, community! Today I bring you some offers and an updated sales post :D How exciting! Up for offer today is a rare Absol mascot plush, lots of those adorable little dome figures, a custom Numel plush, and more! Go check 'em out HERE! I've also updated my main sales post with some plush, figures, and a ton of pogs, which you can find here!

Also, mini collection update!

Aaaa I got my Emolgas from placetohide's Pokecen run today! :D The new guys are the canvas plush and mascot plush on the right. (My goal in life is to sneak a Portal reference into every post I make from now on.)

I was kind of surprised by the package's size - I forgot how teeny and cute canvas plush are! The only other one I have is Vulpix, who is small but also bulky with all those tails. I just love the wings down pose, need to pick up the stamp figure of Emolga in that pose!

The mascot plush - look how big his head is! He's pals with my MPC brothers Perun and Nikolai.

Tag art tag art super cute tag art! Might scan them later and make icons or something because oh gosh tag art so cute.

And a quick reminder on the group buys happyparasol and I are running! Cubchoo, Gothita, and Ducklett stamps, Axew eraser, and all but Emolga and Audino metal figures are still unclaimed. Go go go click here!
Tags: absol, axew, mew, munna, people, sales, skitty, vulpix
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