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Offers and massive sales time part 1!

Hello there again!

My room is already super stuffed (I didn't even open all boxes x__x), and this one will be first sales post part so far. Need some money as well to get some of the new promotions that will come out at the PC! <3
Since I am going to the PO tomorrow (and Tuesday), I think this is a perfect opportunity for it! I have over a hundred items to get rid of! :D

OFFERS! I am putting up my MISSTAGGED Mew Hasbro plush (who thinks she's a Clefairy), my MWT Grass Plate Arceus plush and some creased Banpresto Totodile, who needs your love!
I will take offers on these until Saturday at 2AM EST!

Here is the tag of the Mew plush:

Offers on Mew start at 8$!

Grass plate Arceus Banpresto plush, NEW with all tags!
Offers start at 17$!

Totodile Banpresto is damaged and has creases like these! Still has its tush tag!
Offers start at 3$!

Please if you want to offer more, at least 1$ more is required.



Please provide your country so I can determine the shipping cost.

When sending the money to me, please include in the Paypal note what you are buying and your LJ username.

I am not responsible for lost or damaged items in the mail, but I will do my best to pack them carefully. I do reuse bubblewrap or some envelopes whenever I can, to spare you the prices of those.

I accept Paypal only. No echecks please.

Once you know the final price, it must be sent to my Paypal within 24 hours.

I do ship internationally.

I ship from the Slovak Republic, always by First class. You can ask me Registered mail as well.

Shipping will depend from the country you are from.

I come from a smoke-free environment. I do have a dog at home, but he never touches my things, because they simply do not interest him.

About freebies! When you want to get a freebie, make sure you read the information carefully how you can get them. Some require a certain purchase, so look out for those please! Only 2 items max per person (excluding one sticker from the sticker book). If it's a big thing (like a magazine or tin), then only one.

If you're purchasing freebies, you will have to pay shipping extra for them if there will be any.

I can hold something for you for the next 24 hours, but if you do not respond to me after that, I will put it back on sale.

I have the right to refuse anyone, if I have a reason for it (such as negative feedback). 

I have gotten sales permission by dakajojo in the beginning of March and my feedback can be found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/hebitheivan/

Plushies, figures, keychains, notebooks and a lot of other things for sale!

Mewtwo Hasbro plush MWT (the tag has a small black smudge as seen) - 5$
Rayquaza Banpresto plush, loved, but still with tush tag - 5$ SOLD!
Darumaka UFO plush MWT - 12$

Reshiram Lotto keychain MIP - 10$
Reshiram kids figure MIB with sticker and candy (will flatten the box) - 6$
Reshiram PokeCen figure MIB - 5$
Piplup strap MINT - 1.5$
Pokeball keychain (has a cute Meowth picture if you look through) - 2$ SOLD!
Ash figure - 1$ or free with purchase SOLD!
Registeel figure - free with purchase GONE!

Meganium sticker, card and stamp - 0.5$ each SOLD!
Piplup puffy keychain - 2$
Chikorita puffy keychain - 2$
Marril keychain (does not light up) - 2$
Lucario and Meowth bubble gum (do not recommend chewing) - 0.25$ each or free with purchase
Grabby Phanpy - 1$
Palkia and dialga new straps with screen cleaners MIP - 2.50$ each
Azurill keychain MIP - 3$
Piplup strap - 1$

Meganium Retsuden - 3$
Candy figure (with pokeball, candy and stickers) - 4$ SOLD!
Tin - 3$ SOLD!
Small figure with blue base - 0.75$ SOLD!
Sleeping kid - 3$
Pokeball Meganium - 3$
Tiny keychain - 4$
regular kid - 3$ SOLD!
Meganium TOMY MIB - 6$
Meganium TOMY without box - 3$
Meganium kid MINT with box and sticker (will flatten when shipped) - 3.50$ SOLD!

New keychain straps Totodile, Cyndaquil, Chikorita (2x) - 2$ each
Dragonair marble - 1$
Pikachu (name) and Squirtle (message) stamp - 1.5$

Brendan TFG (pretty damaged, the base does not spin properly) - 4$
Tiny Meganium figure - 1$ SOLD!
Wooper and Jirachi kids - 1$ each
Kangashkan keychain - 2.50$
Togekiss Retsuden - 3$
Vulpix keychain (has marks on them) - 4$

Ash kid MIB (never opened) - 7$
Gary kid - 5$
Rayquaza TOMY figure (like new) - 3.50$
Lugia and Ho-Oh preoreder figure - 4$ each
Rayquaza NEW strap - 2.50$
Reshiram and Zekrom MIP pins - 3.50$ each

Chikorita and Sunflora kids - 1$ each BOTH GONE!
Marill clear kid - 3$ SOLD!
Dratini TOMY figure - 2.50$
Phanpy minicot - 0.75$
Pikachu pokedex keychain - 3.50$
Pikachu car - 2.50$ SOLD!

Kids are 3$ each, except Eevee, which is 5$ (has a small heart drawn on back)
Lucario with one arm up is SOLD!

Each kid is 3$, except Ho-oh is 2.5$ (has a mark on it's beak) and Chingling is 2$.

Salamance pan - 2.50$
Latios pan - 2$
Bulba line pan - 4$
Mightyena pans - 3.50$ each BOTH SOLD!
Absol pan - 3$
Kadabra pan - 1$
Deck sleeves, selling each of the 32 sleeves individually for 0.50$ each

Everything here is 0.50$, except each sticker is 0.10$ and Lance/Dragonite card is 1.50$ SOLD!
Yellow string sticker sheet SOLD!

Shaymin Land forme TCG sleeve - 0.50$
HG/SS sticker sheet - 1$
Reshi/Zekky/Victini Lotto notebooks - 10$
Pikachu walky foam stickers - 5$

PMD paper holders? (don't know how it's called) - Eevee (2x) is 5$ and Phanpy is 3$
(might have some creases)

Hoenn starters A4 clearfile - 9$
Jirachi A5 clearfile - 6$

HG/SS holder - 3$

HG/SS poster - 1$

I have a lot of stickers from Gen 1 to 4, ask me, which I have available. Either 0.10$ each (around an inch big), middle big 0.20$ (around two inches), big ones 0.30$ (bigger than 3 inches) or one free with purchase per person.

Booties, FREEBIES!


Also, the aluminium charms I still own, I am putting them now for 1.5$ each instead of 3.5$!!! The bigger ones will be for 3$ instead of 6$!!
Please ask, which I have available still! :D

Any other information you need to know about these charms are here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/11018885.html

Thank you for taking a look! :D
Tags: absol, arceus, azurill, bulbasaur, chikorita, chingling, cresselia, cyndaquil, darumaka, deerling, dialga, dragonair, dragonite, dratini, drifloon, eevee, feraligatr, groudon, ho-oh, ivysaur, jirachi, kadabra, kangaskhan, kyogre, latios, lucario, lugia, marill, meganium, meowth, mew, mewtwo, mightyena, minccino, mudkip, palkia, phanpy, pikachu, piplup, pokecen, rayquaza, registeel, reshiram, salamence, shaymin, squirtle, sunflora, togekiss, torchic, totodile, treecko, typhlosion, venusaur, victini, vulpix, whimsicott, wooper, zekrom
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