Genestealer~ (jensoxen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Custom Whiscash&Scolipede sculpture auctions!

Hello everyone! Im here to auction out some(2) recent pieces of custom sculpts i've made! :)
Have a look under the cut too see what they are! You know you want to ;)

Please read EVERYTHING before bidding!
Lets start with RULES!
* all community rules apply, NO FRICKEN SNIPIIIIN!<3
* I ship from sweden, and sometimes im a slooow shipper :P
* I accept PAYPAL only!
* Im fine with payment plans, but please tell me what you have in mind before placing an offer :3
* Offers will end (in about 5-6 days) february the 25th! (Sweden time x3) Countdown timer:
*prices does not include shipping. 
* For a quote, please provide country so i can estimate the shipping! ^___^


INFO on the sculpts!

WHISCASH:  Is about 6,5cm from back fin to mouth. Walky style figure, made out of sculpey clay, with 2 different emote icons, wich are switchable!  Base is made from sculpey, and has a hole for a clear peg wich whiscash also has. You can take the whole thing apart anytime you like! Includes: Base, whiscash sculpt, clear peg, and 2 changeable icons! [:D]  and [<3] ^^

SCOLIPEDE: Stands at a height of 10 cm from top antennae to the ground!! Body(length, MINUS the neck, is 9cm! This is my first big sculpt! And i was inspired by the one Foureyedalien made :)
Some parts are a bit darker, as i ran out of the original colour, so i had to mix one that i thought looked ok! So dont bid, if that bothers you(or ask me to paint him, so he gets same colour all over!) ! Made out of solid sculpey clay! Tried to make him a bit;; Realistic :P
The winner decides if they want him coated with glaze or not!

WHISCASH will start at $15
SCOLIPEDE Starts at $30!!

What did i forget... OH PICS!

Gosh, the camera really pics up all details! (even the badder ones...xD) Looks better IRL , promise! ^^ I used flash!
I put so much time into him ;___;


Tags: auction, custom, scolipede, whiscash, wurmple
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