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collection update time!

I haven't done one for a couple months now, so here's my latest update! Also, for a quickie sales plug, click the banner to browse around my shop. If you haven't already checked it out, I added a bunch of stuff a few weeks ago.

Now onto the collection updates!

Well, as I've mentioned in some topics, it took a LONG TIME for me to find any Noble Victories blister packs! Finally, I saw a couple hiding in a Toys r Us and scooped it up!

I guess the Landarus was my big pull here!

They also had a Scraggy pack, so I had to grab that too!

Yaaay a dragon holo works for me^^


I went to a local(ish) import store to check out the place. They didn't have any Tomy plush anymore, but I had to get a couple cell phone straps!

My Kanto starter canvas! <3 This was when [info]placetohide did runs for them :) I love them, they are super soft, and for fun I put them to chill by Rocky the dog (who I trust wouldn't be eating them during the photo shoot).

My Pokemon Christmas loot! I was in need of more Ultra-Pro sleeves (and had ALOT of work to organize cards the next few days!) I've also been looking for the Ruby and Sapphire game guide for a while :D

I've been wanting the Raikou tin for a while, especially when I have only the Entei tin (it just doesn't feel right to only have ONE).

Been wanting the Snivy tin for a while, but then other tins came out and I focused on those >_> LOOOVE the bottlecap!!

This was a bit of an impulse buy at TRU (when you collect promo cards, flip coins, AND wrappers especially :p)

Oooo a top half of Lugia!!

At this TRU I also FINALLY found the Axew blister pack! It's been the only place that I've seen it at!

Before I got a holo Landarus this time it's a... reverse holo!! Why does he like me so much?? I swear B&W was much easier in finding full-art cards inside...

Another movie manga to add to the collection!

This was indeed a sad day... I had to take down my cardboard Pokemon shelving unit-thingie :( After a day of cleaning, I noticed just how much dust collected at the bottom (where the plush was). On the top was some of my figures. So, here I am CAREFULLY sorting them out to put into boxes :( I plan on buying a NICE cabinet to put my collection in, but it won't be for a while now...

Also, I had a bunch of plush on my media shelf getting VERY cluttered! Everytime I'd pull something off the shelf, all the plush on top would create a domino effect and topple the whole row >_<

The box is almost full... *sigh* can't wait till I get enough room to make an AWESOME display with these!! Also, you have NO idea how gently I put them in the box... I had to organize how they'd fit, and placin their tags in a place that wouldn't get bent.

My last shot of the shelf before I dismantled it... Hey Entei!! How'd I forget you??

So one of my friends went to Hong Kong for the holidays, and just like last year, he looked around for Pokemon gacha goods! This was around the time when the new zukan set came out and how much I wanted them... Then he showed me what he got! OMG NEW ZUKAN!!! I was SO excited!! No Purrloin/Liepard, but I still got the others I wanted! Poor Pignite and his apparently painting misshap :(

I also got some green monkies! I'm not really a fan of Simisage, but Pansage is worth it :)

Also, a Palkia stylus!! It's actually pretty neat as a collectible but probably wouldn't work too well as a stylus for DS...

Also, this cute Emolga strap! I'm sad how the paintjob was for it though :(

Wow... was I ever happy to see THIS!! Another hard-to-find piece of TCG merch! One Walmart, and one only had it...

Just like Landarus, I got both a holo and reverse holo Terrakion :p And also... what's that?! THE SUPER-RARE MEOWTH?! I guess I AM lucky^^

So, I went back to the import store that had the MPC for $12 and found THIS guy! He was sold out last time but WOW is this a great plush!! (I tried checking back to the store recently, but they just rebought several shipments of the same 2 sets, so nothing new v_v)

Oops guess I forgot to do my photo before I opened the package :p Ah well. I went for this one for the Tyranitar coin (and the wrappers...) Oh hai Gengar!

Wow am I EVER happy my local TRU still had these in!! It wasn't on my priority list and thought I'd wait till I picked it up... then I saw prices for it online shoot up to over $40 for some reason! Glad they still had some!

Well, holo Gyarados is nice :D The jumbo card of course is also awesome!

This giant card is from [info]faderkid. Yay jumbo cards!!

One of the last McDonalds cards I needed. Thanks [info]toda!

Some rare wrappers from [info]pogaf!

...ohhhh did I ever regret getting this Glaceon plush when I saw them available in stores! I'm SO glad to have one now! Just look at the sneer :p Thank you [info]usakochan!

I thought the diorama figures looked awesome! Well, they always have... But anyways, AnimeRaro had the whole set for sale on eBay for a great price! I went for the lot :p Sadly, I don't want to open them yet until I get a nice display cabinet, so for now they'll stay in their boxes...

I already had the other two tins, and that series of tins isn't exactly getting easier to find, sooo...

Nothing too amazing, but I'm still glad I have the tin and promos!

Walked into TRU and was surprised to see this! First time I've seen one for sale too, finally, and it was ON SALE as well! $8 :)

I had to take pics of the box like I did for the other DX boxes. They just look really nice and have some great artwork :)

Back of the box.

And the other side.

Loose figure shot. It's actually really nice! Just like the dragon DXs.

Yayyy! Been wanting to get this ever since I found the Explorers of Time one in another Half-Price Books! This was actually a nice preorder bonus for the games that I never knew about before!

Ooooo more rare wrappers!! I wish I never got rid of my Fossil ones :( Got these from [info]majoradrakken.

Weeeee Glaceon has her sister now!! <3 I'm SO glad to have them both now, finally, after kicking myself for so many years that I didn't get them (Jolteon and Glaceon figures on the other hand... still mad!!) Another thanks to [info]toda for this girl!!

Lastly, I guess I forgot to post these before :p I got them both on release and they are great! I actually like the small size for a quick read.

And that's all for now! Thanks for looking :D

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